Animal Crossing Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the Animal Crossing series. The Animal Crossing video game series is a series of communication adventure games exclusively for Nintendo consoles. The game is non-linear, in the sense that it has a somewhat set beginning, a middle, and no end. The player takes the role of a human in an village of animals.

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Welcome to the Animal Crossing Wiki!

The Animal Crossing Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the Animal Crossing series. There are 4,775 articles and growing since this wiki was founded in August 2005. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for the Animal Crossing series.

Featured Content
Current Catches at 7:52 AM (GMT)
Name Image Price Location
Dace HHD Icon.png
200 River
Koi HHD Icon.png
4,000 River
Freshwater goby
Freshwater Goby HHD Icon.png
300 River
Catfish HHD Icon.png
300 River pool
Eel HHD Icon.png
2,000 River
Cherry salmon
Cherry Salmon HHD Icon.png
1,000 River
Char HHD Icon.png
3,800 Beach waterfall
Rainbow trout
Rainbow Trout HHD Icon.png
800 River
Angelfish HHD Icon.png
3,000 River
Arowana HHD Icon.png
10,000 River
Dorado HHD Icon.png
15,000 River
Gar HHD Icon.png
6,000 River pool
Ocean sunfish
Ocean Sunfish HHD Icon.png
4,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Hammerhead shark
Hammerhead Shark HHD Icon.png
8,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Shark HHD Icon.png
15,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Saw Shark
Saw Shark HHD Icon.png
12,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Coelacanth HHD Icon.png
15,000 Ocean*
Killifish HHD Icon.png
300 Pond
Crawfish HHD Icon.png
200 Pond
Tadpole HHD Icon.png
100 Pond
Frog HHD Icon.png
120 Pond
Sea Horse HHD Icon.png
1,100 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Clownfish HHD Icon.png
650 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Surgeonfish HHD Icon.png
1,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Butterfly fish
Butterflyfish HHD Icon.png
1,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Zebra turkeyfish
Zebra Turkeyfish HHD Icon.png
400 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Barred knifejaw
Barred Knifejaw HHD Icon.png
5,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Squid HHD Icon.png
400 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Crucian carp
Crucian Carp HHD Icon.png
120 River
Barbel steed
Barbel Steed HHD Icon.png
200 River
Carp HHD Icon.png
300 River
Goldfish HHD Icon.png
1,300 River
Black bass
Black Bass HHD Icon.png
300 River
Horse mackerel
Horse Mackerel HHD Icon.png
150 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Sea bass
Sea Bass HHD Icon.png
200 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Red snapper
Red Snapper HHD Icon.png
3,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Olive flounder
Olive Flounder HHD Icon.png
800 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Ribbon eel
Ribbon Eel HHD Icon.png
600 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Giant trevally
Giant Trevally HHD Icon.png
4,500 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Whale shark
Whale Shark HHD Icon.png
13,000 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Redhibiscusacnl.png Also found on island Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Island exclusive fish

Name Image Price Location
Common Butterfly
Common Butterfly HHD Icon.png
90 Flowers
Yellow butterfly
Yellow Butterfly HHD Icon.png
90 Flowers
Tiger butterfly
Tiger Butterfly HHD Icon.png
160 Flowers*
Peacock butterfly
Peacock Butterfly HHD Icon.png
220 Flowers*
Emperor butterfly
Emperor Butterfly HHD Icon.png
2,500 Redhibiscusacnl.png Flowers
Lantern fly
Lantern Fly HHD Icon.png
1,800 Redhibiscusacnl.png Trees
Violin beetle
Violin Beetle HHD Icon.png
260 Tree stumps
Rainbow stag
Rainbow Stag HHD Icon.png
10,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png Trees
Goliath beetle
Goliath Beetle HHD Icon.png
6,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png Palm trees
Hermit crab
Hermit Crab HHD Icon.png
1,000 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Beach
Stink Bug HHD Icon.png
120 Trees
Snail HHD Icon.png
250 Redhibiscusacnl.png Flowers
Flea HHD Icon.png
70 villagers
Pill bug
Pill Bug HHD Icon.png
250 Rocks
Spider HHD Icon.png
300 Trees
Bee HHD Icon.png
4,500 Trees
Ant HHD Icon.png
80 Candy or rotten turnips
Wharf roach
Wharf Roach HHD Icon.png
200 Redhibiscusacnl.png Beach
Fly HHD Icon.png
60 Rotten turnips
Redhibiscusacnl.png Also found on island Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Island exclusive bug

Deep-sea creatures
Name Image Price Shadow
Abalone HHD Icon.png
400 Redhibiscusacnl.png Medium
Ear shell
Ear Shell HHD Icon.png
300 Redhibiscusacnl.png Small
Mantis shrimp
Mantis Shrimp HHD Icon.png
1,250 Redhibiscusacnl.png Small
Tiger prawn
Tiger Prawn HHD Icon.png
1,600 Redhibiscusacnl.png Small
Seaweed HHD Icon.png
200 Redhibiscusacnl.png Large
Sea grapes
Sea Grapes HHD Icon.png
600 Redhibiscusacnl.png Small
Sea urchin
Sea Urchin HHD Icon.png
800 Redhibiscusacnl.png Small
Octopus HHD Icon.png
1,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png Medium
Acorn barnacle
Acorn Barnacle HHD Icon.png
200 Redhibiscusacnl.png Very small
Pearl oyster
Pearl Oyster HHD Icon.png
1,600 Small
Scallop HHD Icon.png
1,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png Medium
Sea anemone
Sea Anemone HHD Icon.png
100 Redhibiscusacnl.png Medium
Sea star
Sea Star HHD Icon.png
100 Redhibiscusacnl.png Small
Sea slug
Sea Slug HHD Icon.png
200 Redhibiscusacnl.png Small
Lobster HHD Icon.png
2,500 Redhibiscusacnl.png Large
Spotted garden eel
Spotted Garden Eel HHD Icon.png
600 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Small
Chambered nautilus
Chambered Nautilus HHD Icon.png
900 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Medium
Giant isopod
Giant Isopod HHD Icon.png
9,000 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Medium
Redhibiscusacnl.png Also found on island Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Island exclusive deep-sea creature

A list of available fish, bugs, and deep-sea catches this month can be found here.

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Villager and Special Character Birthdays
Today is Marina's birthday! NH-Icon-Present.png

June 1stKeaton the eagle
June 2ndLucy the pig and Inkwell the octopus
June 3rdFilbert the squirrel and Kaitlin
June 4thChamp the monkey and Reneigh the horse
June 5thCamofrog the frog
June 6thLyle and Raddle the frog
June 7thTimmy and Tommy and Zell the deer
June 8thPeanut the squirrel
June 9thAlfonso the alligator and Cyd the elephant
June 10thWalker the dog
June 11thPudge the cub
June 12thBettina the mouse
June 13thScoot the duck
June 14thPippy the rabbit
June 15thMaple the cub

June 16thRoscoe the horse
June 17thTangy the cat and Spike the rhino
June 18thCookie the dog
June 19thSally the squirrel
June 20thGraham the hamster and Phineas
June 21stSydney the koala
June 22ndJacques the bird
June 23rdTammy the cub
June 24thBluebear the cub
June 25thDrake the duck
June 26thMarina the octopus and Marlo the hamster
June 27thDeena the duck
June 28thCopper and Kidd the goat
June 29thMerry the cat
June 30thBroccolo the mouse and Weber the duck

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