Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise
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Game Systems PlayStation 4
PlayStation 5
Xbox One
Xbox Series X/S
Microsoft Windows (via Steam)
Character Designers Minoru Iwamoto
Japanese Releases PS4/PS5/XB1/XBXS September 9, 2021[1]
Steam September 10, 2021[1]
North American Releases September 10, 2021[2]
European Releases September 10, 2021[2]
Opening Theme "HIBANA" by Kankaku Piero
"Hello,Again" by Ayaka
Ending Theme "Blue Moon" by Ayaka
Ratings JP CERO: C (recommended 15+)
NA ESRB: T (Teen, recommended 13+)

Tales of Arise (テイルズ オブ アライズ, Teiruzu obu Araizu?) is an Original Title in the Tales series. It was announced on June 9, 2019, during Microsoft's E3 2019 presentation.[3] First information regarding the game leaked on June 7, 2019, and quickly spread over the Internet.[4] The game was initially announced with a release window set for 2020[3], but on June 25, 2020, it was announced that Tales of Arise would be released after 2020, but no specific date was provided.[5] On April 21, 2021, it was announced that the game would be released on September 10, 2021.[2] It is a first Original Title to have a simultaneous release across the world. Its characteristic genre translates to the "Telling the Dawn of the Heart RPG" (心の黎明を告げるRPG, Kokoro no Reimei wo Tsugeru RPG?)



The inhabitants of the planet Dahna have always revered Rena, the planet in the sky, as a land of the righteous and divine. However, the stories passed down across the generations have distorted the truth for the people of Dahna. Rena subjugated Dahna for the past 300 years, pillaging the world beneath of its resources and its people of their dignity and freedom. After Rena enslaved Dahna, it divided it with "walls" and introduced the Five Lords as representatives of Rena to keep them in check.

Astral energy resides in all living things, which the Renans use Dahnan slave labor to harvest for the Crown Contest. Conventional knowledge is that only Renans are able to use this power in the form of astral artes and when used the user's eyes briefly glow in blue. The Blazing Sword is a power manifestation of Shionne Imeris's astral energy, while the thorns are her curse that causes pain to whoever touches her.


The world of Dahna is enslaved by Rena, and one of those slaves is an amnesiac man who cannot feel pain and is known only as Iron Mask. One day in Orbus Calaglia, a train carrying a Renan woman named Shionne Imeris is attacked by the Crimson Crows, leading to a series of events that birth the Blazing Sword, a powerful weapon born from Shionne's stolen master core that horrifically burns its user. Iron Mask is the only one who can wield due to inability to feel pain, and even then, only with Shionne's healing artes to support him. The pair are able to end the rule of Lord Balseph, with Iron Mask remembering his name, Alphen, in the process. With this newfound power, Alphen wishes to free the other Dahnas from their masters, and Shionne joins as she has her own reasons for defeating the Five Lords.

They head next to Cyslodia after Rinwell, a member of the Silver Swords, pleads for their help, joined by Zephyr, the leader of the Crimson Crows. Rather than the pure backbreaking labor that marked Calaglia, Cyslodia's rule is enforced by the Bureau of Civil Observation, known colloquially as the Snake Eyes, where Dahnans are rewarded for providing adverse information about each other. One of the members of the Snake Eyes is Zephyr's son, Law, and upon discovering this fact, Zephyr refuses to fight. He is captured and taken to the capital, Cysloden, with the group following with the intent to rescue him. There, the group links up with the Silver Swords only for their base to be attacked and Zephyr's public execution to be moved up. Zephyr uses his last words prior to his execution to stir up the populace, causing Law to have a change of heart to rescue him. Unfortunately, the leader of the Silver Swords is actually the Cyslodian lord Ganabelt Valkyris in disguise, and he fatally backstabs Zephyr. Enraged by Zephyr's death, the group storms the Riville Prison Tower and defeat Ganabelt, freeing Cyslodia.

Rinwell and Law join Alphen and Shionne in traveling to the next realm, Elde Menancia. In stark contrast to the previous lands, Menancia appears to be a place where the Dahnans are not oppressed. Under the rule of Dohalim il Qaras, the Dahnans are more or less free to live as their please, and they appear to have good relations with the Renans. This supposed utopia is only the veneer however, as the guard captain Kisara finds out: elements within the Renans have secretly been experimenting on the Dahnas using Fruits of Helgan, which inflict the Hollowing on Dahnas and irrevocably turn them into a silver-like substance after draining them of their astral energy. A coup breaks out, where Renans who are dissatisfied with Dohalim refusing to participate in the Crown Contest and with his attempts to treat Dahnans are more than slaves try to overthrow their lord. The leader of the coup is stopped by the group, while Dohalim dismantles the production facilities for the fruits, and a coalition of Dahnans and Renans who believe in racial cooperation ultimately stabilize the situation on their own. Dohalim resigns his position as lord, and he and Kisara decide to travel with the group to end the atrocities of the Crown Contest.

Within Mahag Saar capital of Niez, the group discovers that the local lord Almeidrea Kaineris was driven out by the Dark Wings, the local resistance organization. They come into conflict with the Dark Wings, as the group objects to the indiscriminate nature of the Dark Wings' tactics that deemed the local populace as acceptable collateral damage as well as their leader, Dedyme, setting himself up as another despot, while the Dark Wings cannot trust a group that also consists of Renans as well as has a leader who could threaten Dedyme's prominence. The second in command, Baephon, gives them a tip to Almeidrea's location, but it is a wild goose chase due to Dedyme's distrust. Dedyme, meanwhile, has captured Almeidrea and set her up for a public execution. When the event occurs, however, the frenzy and bloodlust combines with the Fruits of Helgan secretly added to the food supply to the mass hollowfication of most of the Dark Wings and Niez's population. While seeming repentant while at stake, Almeidrea instead proves to have orchestrated the entire affair to collect their astral energy. At the same time, Rinwell realizes that Almeidrea is the lord who slaughtered the Mages, Dahnans capable of using astral artes, and left her as the only survivor. She attempts to strike Almeidrea down, but Law prevents her from acting solely for revenge. Almeidrea then leaves for her personal ship Mobile Fortress Gradia, with the group giving chase. They infiltrate the ship and ultimately best her in battle, but they are interruped by the final lord, Vholran Igniseri.

Vholran kills Almeidrea before being confronted by Alphen, and the resulting clash causes Alphen's true power to awaken, destroying the final remnants of his mask and returning all of his memories. Vholran takes the opportunity to kidnap Shionne, and the destruction of the mask returns Alphen's sense of pain, which causes Shionne to despair when Alphen proves unable to withstand her thorns. Vholran uses his powers to sink the ship, and the party washes ashore at Thistlym, where Alphen explains his past. Three hundred years ago, he was a Dahnan test subject who was kidnapped and engineered to play the role of Sovereign in the Spirit Summoning Ceremony alongside Naori Imeris, the Maiden. The ceremony went wrong, however, and destroyed much of Lenegis. The memory is a pain to Alphen, but after some encouragement, he resolves to go to Pelegion to rescue Shionne and defeat Vholran. They storm the city, whose populace has been so broken that all they do is pray until they hollow. Within Saxleoh Temple, they find Shionne trapped in her own despair, but Alphen manages to get through to her by managing to hug her even with his renewed sense of pain. They then confront Vholran, who reveals his own power as a Sovereign but is ultimately defeated.

The group claims the final master core at that point to form the Renas Alma in order to free Shionne of her thorns, but they do not react with each other. They are then surprised by the Red Woman, who forcibly activates not only Alphen's Sovereign powers but also Shionne's Maiden powers to draw the energy from the five master cores into her own Dark master core to create the Renas Alma. She then absconds with it, leaving the group to pick up the pieces in the aftermath.



  • Alphen (アルフェン, Arufen?) - A mask-wearing man from Dahna who has lost his memories as well as his capability to feel pain. Borrowing the blazing sword from Shionne just after meeting her, he fights for his freedom from Rena.[6]
  • Shionne Vymer Imeris Daymore (シオン, Shion?) - A young woman from Rena who brings the curse of thorns to whoever touches her. With an ulterior motive of her own, she allies herself with Alphen and fights against her own people.[6]
  • Rinwell (リンウェル, Rinweru?) - Appearing before Alphen and Shionne before collapsing, she is on a journey to appeal to Cyclodia's resistance. Despite her Dahnan blood she is able to use astral artes that are only available to Renans.[7]
  • Hootle (フルル, Fururu?) - A Dahnan baby owl that travels together with Rinwell. He is close to her heart.[7]
  • Law (ロウ, Rou?) - A young Dahnan man from Calaglia who works in Renan police force known colloquially as the Bureau of Civil Observation also known as Snake Eyes. He confronts Alphen and his group when they arrive to Cyslodia.[7][8]
  • Kisara (キサラ, Kisara?) - A Dahnan woman believing in the coexistence between Rena and Dahna, she boasts the highest physical abilities in a squad composed of Dahnans. Serving under Dohalim, Kisara uses equipment crafted by Renans.[9][10]
  • Dohalim il Qaras (テュオハリム, Tyoharimu?) - An eccentric man from Rena who shows friendship towards Dahna, he is well versed in all kinds of art, including music, poetry, and antiques.[9][11]


  • Balseph (ビエゾ, Biezo?) - A Renan lord who controls Dahnan slaves in Calaglia, collecting fire astral energy and driving his slaves to the bone. While on the outside he appears to care for his fellow countrymen, in truth he is an impatient man desperate to become better than other generals.[7][12]
  • Ganabelt Valkyris (ガナベルト・ファルキリス, Ganaberuto Falkirisu?) - The Renan lord in Cyslodia, who collects light astral energy. His rule is marked by the distrust he sows among the Dahnan populace, encouraging them to betray each other for monetary gain.
  • Vholran Igniseri (ヴォルラーン・アングサリ, Voruran Angusari?) - A swordsman clad in black, wielding a katana radiating with blue energy, who overcomes Alphen and co. His eyes seem to be searching for something, and he looks at both human and monsters as if looking at worthless pebbles. He is the Lord of Ganath Haros, and owner of the master core of Water.

Supporting Characters

  • Zephyr (ジルファ, Jirufa?) - A bright and respected resistance leader of a Dahnan group called the Crimson Crows centered in Calaglia, he works towards overthrowing Balseph. In battle he is a supporting member, fighting with his body against Dahna's oppressors and zeugles.[13][8]


Field Gameplay

In the field characters can obtain a variety of items from chests, plants, and other objects of interest. By expending CP (short for "Cure Points") it is possible to perform various actions in the field that can yield rewards for the party. A new feature for the series is swimming, allowing characters to swim through shallow water.[14] The player is able able to perform a jump with a press of a button, allowing for even more varied exploration as well as puzzle-solving in dungeons.

Battle Gameplay

The game is said to utilize updated Linear Motion Battle System with Dynamic Action features.[4] Three ground and three aerial artes can be set. However using simultaneous button presses it is possible to set three more ground and three more aerial artes, allowing to use twelve artes at once.[8] Similar to Tales of Zestiria, healing and support artes come with a twist: they require CP, forcing to player to strategize and not spam these type of spells. Traditional post-battle victory quotes happening still on the battlefield are replaced with post-battle field chats in form of gab windows.[14]

Character Development

During the progress of the story, characters acquire a variety of titles, with each title having attached five nodes. Each node can grant a new arte, skill, or a permanent parameter increase.[14]

Release Overview

In addition to the base game, Tales of Arise has various bundled with additional bonuses for additional cost depending on region. Some bonuses are exclusive to certain retailers.

In the Japanese region, there is:

  • Figure Edition is a physical release that includes a 18cm figurine featuring Shionne and Alphen
  • Premium Edition is a physical release that includes a steelbook case, an artbook, a physical soundtrack, metal pin badges, stickers, acrylic figures, and postcards
  • Collector's Edition is physical release that combines the bonuses from both Figure and Premium Editions
  • Deluxe Sound Edition is a digital release that includes a pack of previous battle themes
  • Deluxe Costume Edition is a digital release that includes a "Costume Premium Pack" as well as swimsuit, school, and kimono costumes
  • Ultimate Edition is a digital release the combines bonuses from both Deluxe Editions
  • Steam Deluxe Edition is a digital release that includes a "Costume Premium Pack", "Item Premium Pack", and "Travel Premium Pack"
  • Steam Ultimate Edition is a digital release that adds to the Steam Deluxe Edition with a "Collaboration Costume Pack" as well as swimsuit, school, and kimono costumes

In the North American region, there is:

  • Deluxe Edition is a digital release that includes the "Premium Travel Pack", "Adventurer's Pack", "Premium Item Pack", and "Premium Costume Pack" downloadable content
  • Ultimate Edition is a digital release that includes the bonuses of the Deluxe Edition but adds the "Collaboration Costume Pack" as well as swimsuit, school, and kimono costumes
  • Collector's Edition is a physical release that includes a steelbook case, a physical soundtrack, an 18cm figurine featuring Shionne and Alphen, and a 64-page artbook

Tales of Arise Demo Version

A playable demo was released on August 18, 2021. It allows the player to explore Elde Menancia and interact with various gameplay features such as skits and cooking. The six playable characters are able to be used to demonstrate their various fighting styles and are even capable of learning new artes during the demo. Completing the demo allows the player to obtain a "Vacation Hootle Doll" in the full release of the game.


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