Kill or cure, I can do what I'm needed to do.
— Doc

Doc is one of the ten playable Cleaners in Back 4 Blood. She is a pragmatic medical professional whose knowledge and experience have been essential to the survival of the residents in Fort Hope.

Official description

She has been instrumental in keeping Fort Hope up and running, but this is far from the life Doc expected when she first came to America. Fiercely independent, she sacrificed social life for career. It wasn't until years later that she finally found a kindred spirit in Mom. After the Collapse, Doc's no-nonsense attitude and pragmatic outlook served her well. Though her bedside manner can take some getting used to, no one denies she's one hell of a doctor and a mean shot to boot.[1]


The following traits are being granted to Doc with her Cleaners card:

Doc can apply field dressings to each teammate once per level, healing them for 25 Health.

+ 15% Healing Efficiency

TRIAGE Icon Card TeamEffects.png
+ 20% Team Trauma Resistance

Start with a Bandage


Doc has a bob haircut. She is wearing glasses, a white medical lab coat, a dark blue shirt, blue trousers, purple surgical gloves, black boots and a knee brace support on her right leg. The pocket on Doc's coat is full of interesting things including her ID card that says that the woman used to work as physician at the Evansburgh Medical. Her full name on the card is impossible to make out, however her first name is "Sue" as she is called by Mom.

Developer comments

In the video "Back 4 Blood - Breakdown of All 8 Playable Characters (Meet the Cleaners)"[2] by media news outlet IGN lead writer Simon Mackenzie and co-founder and creative director Phil Robb at Turtle Rock Studios did a breakdown of all eight playable Cleaners in Back 4 Blood.

The following quotes are shortened versions of the comments they've made about Doc's character:

I kind of love Doc.
We had doctor characters and my experience with doctors is the bedside manner. Maybe this is just the UK. Tends to be a bit absorbing, a bit kind of like "My god. It's another person complaining."

I drilled down on that. So even when people got injured in the game she's like eye-rolling with her personality "Come on. We can get through this and let's get back out there again.".
— Simon Mackenzie, Lead Writer at Turtle Rock Studios

Doc's smart. She knew she didn't have combat experience.

She knew that without the sort of survival type experience when the collapse came she wouldn't make it.
Her value may have been in question and a lot of people wondered why she's still wearing her lab coat. Because doctors are like gold in the apocalypse. So she's gonna wear that to show "Hey, I'm a doctor.".

Sort of a way when the chaos broke out early she was able to survive. She used her brain rather than her brawn.
— Phil Robb, Co-Founder/Creative Director at Turtle Rock Studios

In the recent "Turtle Rock Studios Back 4 Blood Art Blast"[3] on character concept artist Gue Yang shared information about the design of Doc's appeareance.

Doc was concepted to be more civilian and casual in early iterations.
She didn't come with the white coat she has now.
— Gue Yang, Character Concept Artist

Journal entry

Doc's journal entry has been shared on the Back 4 Blood Twitter account on September 1st, 2021.[4]

I came here to make my own life, to chart my own path, but for what? To become a snack for some worm-ridden monstrosity? FUCK THAT! I studied too hard! Though at least the Collapse canceled out my student loans. At least I hope it did!

I don't know why I'm making light of it. I lost everything I worked for, and as for my family...I can only hope they're safe. I mean, eight & a half thousand miles is pretty good for social distancing, right? But thankfully I'm not alone in this. There are the Cleaners and at least when things get too crazy I have Mom by my side to keep me sane.

When I graduated this wasn't how I thought I'd be fighting infections, but right now it's the only cure we have.
— Doc's journal


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