Thanks for your interest in helping out the Cosplay wiki! Before you get started, there a few simple rules that should be followed to keep the site neat, efficient, and user-friendly.

Note: Contributors can use the handy boilerplates found at the top box of a page when using the page creation tool to auto-fill the below.

Cosplayer pages

Pages about notable, professional, semi-pro, or especially talented beginners are always welcome. To begin a page, use the cosplayer template code below. Simply copy the code, paste into the new page, and fill out the fields:

  • Cosplayer picture: preferably the cosplayer out of costume to show how they appear naturally
  • Sites: only the link needs to be inserted, in its entirety
  • Categories: the template auto-categorizes based on gender and nationality, so no need to add more categories!
Page format
  • Background, preferably from the official site of the cosplayer; if that isn't available, Wikipedia is permitted, so long as it is formatted and correctly attributed. This minimally suffices at the end of the section: <ref>[fullurl Background taken from Wikipedia]</ref>
  • Awards, most notable
  • Media
    • Images: gallery of images
      • <gallery captionalign="center" position="center" widths="220px" spacing="small">
      • naming: images should be created with the format "CosplayerName-CharacterName" abbreviations of cosplayer names is acceptable, if needed (such as Marie-Claude Bourbonnais to MCB, for instance)
      • nudity is not permitted
      • images should be as far removed from nudity as possible, barring accurate representation of the character (such as Vampirella); images will be removed at admin discretion
      • images should be quality; "joke" images and poor quality cosplay will be removed
    • Videos: gallery of videos
      • Types of videos to include are interviews and tutorials; unless the video is solely about the single cosplayer, convention videos should be relegated to the separate convention pages
  • References
    • If on the page, then include this section with the {{reflist}} code.
  • External links - include any additional official links that are not included in the infobox (so not the official page, FB, or Twitter)

Character pages

Note: In terms of franchises, characters will be listed under the parent franchise rather than sequel/expansion. So, for instance, Bloodseeker is listed under Defense of the Ancients rather than Defense of the Ancient 2. A note can be made on the character page, of course.

Follow the format as found at Deadpool. The goal is a very lean page that is easy to navigate:

  • Place {{CompactTOC}} at the top of the page.
  • Add a Cosplays gallery section and, if applicable, a Crossplays (opposite-gender cosplay) gallery section - captions should be the cosplayers name, linking to their page (include linking even if the page doesn't exist).
    • Only one cosplayer's picture per character, sorted alpha by first name; additional pics can be included if the cosplayer is showing another costume of the character
    • gallery format: <gallery captionalign="center" position="center" widths="220px" spacing="small">
  • In a Background section, a brief paragraph about the character. If source of character isn't in intro, include it above the section, as shown on Eevee
    • Image: a single character image only, with as forward-facing position as possible, preferably full-length to show the entirety of the character. No larger than 200px (vertical)/250px (horizontal).
  • References - as above; generally attempt to obtain information from a wiki on this network; failing that, from Wikipedia or an official source
  • External links - to major wikis on this network, if not used as a reference
  • Categories - for now, only genre-related categories for which that particular character is best known (Anime, Comic Books, Video Games, Television, Movies); if a character is part of a team/franchise, that may also be included