Alisha Hawthorne

Alisha Hawthorne is a character in the 2022 Disney/Pixar animated film, Lightyear. She is Buzz's commander and best friend. She is played by an unnamed actress in the movie itself as "Alisha Hawthorne" is the name of a character.


Alisha, along with Buzz and the crew of the Turnip become marooned on an alien planet after their ship crash-lands. Their only hope of getting off the planet is to rebuild their ship and begin experimenting with hyperspeed propulsion systems powered by crystalic fusion. Buzz is chosen to be the test pilot. But during these flight tests, Buzz experiences time dilation. While its only minutes for Buzz, years pass for Alisha and everyone else. During those years, Alisha lives her life regardless of the planet she is on, advancing her career, falling in love, and building a family.

Physical appearance

Alisha is dark skinned with black curly braided hair and brown eyes (her hair turns grey over the years). In the following years, Alisha grows out her hair and styles it into a side-mohawk with water wave crochet braids. Above and across her right eyebrow, she has a faint scar. And on her left cheek she has a mole.


  • Because Alisha is a lesbian, a same sex kiss scene was initially cut at the request of Disney. Following Pixar's complaint and the threaten of a walk-out, Disney allowed the scene to be reinstated and unedited.[1]
    • She is also the third Pixar character who identifies as being part of the LGBTQIA+ community, following Specter in Onward and Greg in Out.
  • Alisha's first name was originally thought to be "Alicia", but leaked concept from twitter revealed that her first name to be Alisha.[2]
  • When Alisha catches Buzz doing a mission log, she tells him nobody ever listens to them. In Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins, Warp Darkmatter made the same remark about mission logs.
  • Alisha did not exist in the earliest draft of Lightyear. She was added when the filmmakers wanted to give Buzz someone to connect to who had a family when he did not.[3]


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