Izzy Hawthorne

Izzy Hawthorne is a character who appears in the 2022 Disney/Pixar animated film, Lightyear.


Izzy is Alisha's super motivated granddaughter eighty-four years later in the future. By the time Buzz meets her as a young adult, she is the leader of the Junior Zap Patrol. Since childhood, she idolized Buzz and her grandmother as Space Rangers, and dreamed of becoming one. but she has a huge fear of Space.

Upon meeting Buzz Lightyear who skips a couple more years through hyperspace tests, she, along with Morrison and Steel join forces to fight against the evil Zurg and his army of robots.

Physical appearance

Izzy is a young black woman who bares a striking resembles to her grandmother. She has dark curly hair tied back in two buns, and has gold brown eyes. She wears a gold brown armored suit with the number "42" labelled on her right shoulder pad. At some point in the film, she bears her grandmother's Space Ranger suit.


  • In the earliest draft of Lightyear, Izzy and Mo Morrison were going to be siblings.[1]


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