No matter how fast you are, no one outruns their past.Tagline

F9 (also known as F9: The Fast Saga and internationally as Fast & Furious 9) is the ninth movie of the Fast & Furious series and the tenth overall, including Hobbs & Shaw. Directed by Justin Lin, the film was released internationally in May 19, 2021 and June 17th, 2021 and in North America on June 25, 2021.

Official Description

Vin Diesel’s Dominic "Dom" Toretto is leading a quiet life off the grid with Letty and his son, little Brian, but they know that danger always lurks just over their peaceful horizon. This time, that threat will force Dom to confront the sins of his past if he’s going to save those he loves most. His crew joins together to stop a world-shattering plot led by the most skilled assassin and high-performance driver they’ve ever encountered: a man who also happens to be Dom’s forsaken brother, Jakob (John Cena, the upcoming The Suicide Squad).

F9 sees the return of Justin Lin as director, who helmed the third, fourth, fifth and sixth chapters of the series when it transformed into a global blockbuster phenomenon.

The action hurtles around the globe—from London to Tokyo, from Central America to Edinburgh, and from a secret bunker in Azerbaijan to the teeming streets of Tbilisi. Along the way, old friends will be resurrected, old foes will return, history will be rewritten, and the true meaning of family will be tested like never before.

The film stars returning cast members Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Jordana Brewster, Nathalie Emmanuel and Sung Kang, with Oscar® winner Helen Mirren and Oscar® winner Charlize Theron. F9 also features Grammy-winning superstar Cardi B as new franchise character Leysa, a woman with a connection to Dom’s past, and a cameo by Reggaeton sensation Ozuna.Official Description


F9 JackRace 7.jpg
The final stock car race of the season

In 1989, during the last stock car race of the season, the Torettos are on the track. Jack Toretto (JD Pardo) is one of the racers and comes off for a pit stop. Jack’s sons Dominic (Vinnie Bennett) and Jakob (Finn Cole) are a part of his Pit Crew. While Jakob works under the hood, Dom argues with the Pit Crew of rival racer Kenny Linder (Jim Parrack) as he is being a dirty racer. As Jack is about to get back into the race he tells Dom to let it go, saying it’s not about being the stronger man but about being the bigger man. As Jack gets back on the track to resume the race, Kenny resumes as well, as they near the next lap Kenny’s car clips Jack’s bumper and causes him to hit a wall at 120 Mph, his car then bursting into flames in the process and killing him. Dom sees this and tries to run on to the track to save his dad but is held back by Buddy (Michael Rooker), another member of Jack’s pit crew. Dom and Jakob both watch as their father dies in front of them.

F9 OpeningScene 1.jpg
Dom and Letty live off the grid
In the present day, Dom (Vin Diesel) is retired and living off the grid trying to raise his son Brian, and be a good husband to his wife, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez). The peacetime is interrupted when Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Ludacris), & Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) who Dom and Letty thought were robbers, arrive with news of Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) apprehending Cipher (Charlize Theron), but his plane being attacked in the process and her being extracted by rogue agents. The plane has crashed in the Montequinto region of Central America, the team doesn’t have a lot of time to find Mr. Nobody or at least what he was holding on the plane, but Dom declines to join, wanting to live a peaceful life now that he has a son. Letty joins, telling Dom they can’t just abandon everybody now that Brian is in their life, saying it’s not who they are. Dom replays the SOS signal Mr. Nobody sent out and realizes his brother Jakob (John Cena) is behind the hijacking of Nobody’s plane and Cipher’s escape. With this newfound information he joins the team on the extraction.
F9 Montequinto 0.jpg
The team arrive in Montequinto
While searching the plane, they are able to find part of a device named Aries, a machine so powerful that it would be able to hack into every computer weapons system in the world. Just as the team finds the first half of the device they are intercepted by a private army and Jakob himself, who steals the device and escapes. The team then rendezvous with Stasiak (Shea Whigham) on a plane en route to their safe house, with Dom and Letty letting the team know who they’re up against this time.

Back in 1989, after the crash, Kenny Linder shows up to the tracks to pay his last respects to Jack. He is met by Jakob who orders him to leave the premises. Kenny insults Jakob and before the latter can react Dom shows up and tells his brother to go find Buddy. When Dom also tells Kenny to leave, he insults the Toretto name and punches Dom, causing Dom to react by almost beating him to death with a socket wrench. Dom then gets arrested as Jakob watches him get processed in.

Cipher F9 2.jpg
Jakob meets Cipher

Jakob arrives to his base of operations and meets with Otto (Thue Ersted Rasmussen) his associate in power. Cipher is being held at their base and is trying to sway Jakob into working with her instead, to which he declines claiming he doesn’t work for the competition. She lets him know where to locate the other half of Project Aries, which is in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, also letting him know that he doesn’t have a chance of making it out of the situation alive now that Dom is in the mix. At he Caspian Sea, Dom and the team arrive at their safe house. Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) who comes out of retirement, also arrives, telling Dom that Jakob is her brother too and she wants to help. Dom is reluctant because Mia and Brian have been retired and living off the grid with their children and he doesn’t want her to put them and anything else they’ve worked for at risk. Mia & Letty reassure Dom that all of their children are in the safest hands, with Brian. The team then debriefs, and they find out that Han (Sung Kang) has been working with Mr. Nobody. The team then splits up and goes to different regions of the world, with Dom at first going back to LA to meet Buddy.

F9 DomVsJakob 8.jpg
Dom and Jakob race

In 1991, While Dom is serving his sentence, he works with cars in his work release program where he meets a young Leo (Ceres) & Santos (Ozuna). When Leo informs Dom that the car he’s working on has a hairline crack that can turn his car into a bomb if not fixed, Dom comes to the realization that Jakob is also partially responsible for their father’s death as he was working under the hood of Jack’s car the day he was killed. Dom is then released and comes upon the street racing scene in LA. Jakob has seemingly been winning every race and is challenged by Dom, who tells him that he knows what he did the day of the race, saying that Jakob killed their father. He makes a stipulation that if Jakob wins, he can come back home, but if Dom wins, Jakob has to get in his car and drive as far away from LA as he possibly can. Dom wins the race and Jakob leaves town, with Mia being the only one in the family to keep in contact with him for a while.

Dom goes back to the old race tracks and reacquaints himself with Buddy, as he’s looking for Jakob. Dom tells Buddy he knows that he took Jakob in after Jack’s death, Buddy tells Dom that he took away Jakob’s family when he won that race and now Jakob doesn’t have anybody. Buddy tells Dom he did his best to take care of Jakob and tells Dom that he has to make peace with the past, so he can make a better future, then informs Dom that Jakob is in London. Dom then departs for London and Buddy tells him that he hopes he finds his peace, to which Dom responds that it died the day his father did.

F9 RocketCar 1.jpg
Tej and Roman meet Sean Boswell
Letty & Mia arrive in Tokyo to find a clue to what Han was doing while he worked for Mr. Nobody, while Roman & Tej arrive in Germany to recruit Sean (Lucas Black), Twinkie (Bow Wow) & Earl Hu (Jason Tobin) as they’ve been working on a rocket car. Dom arrives in London and connects with his old friend, Magdalene Shaw (Helen Mirren), who points him into the direction of Jakob. Dom meets Otto, who informs him of how powerful his family is. Dom finally meets Jakob and the two nearly come to blows after Jakob mirrors their last encounter and tells Dom the same thing he said to him: to get in his car and drive as far away as possible. Otto arrives with Interpol Agents and has Dom apprehended. Leysa (Cardi B), an old friend that Dom had befriended stealing gas during his time in the Dominican Republic, helps him escape and also gives him Jakob’s gun with his biometric imprints so he’ll be easier to track. Back in Tokyo, Letty & Mia using a postcard Han once sent before his 'death', which featured a photo of Mexico on it, Letty finds an apartment with a Mexican flag in the window and remembers a comment he once made about Mexico being his old west that he runs away to.
F9 Elle 6.png
Letty and Mia meet Elle
Letty and Mia search the apartment and find a photo of Han and Young Elle and they are promptly interrupted by a grown up Elle who warns them to get down as rogue agents storm the apartment. Elle, Letty and Mia work together to fight the agents and the fight ends when Letty knocks the last rogue agent out of the window when he tries to shoot Elle. Then, a sniper shoot two remaining agents, saving Letty, the sniper it's revealed to be Han.
Truck Chase 8.png
Tej, Roman, Ramsey & Dom capture Jakob

Tej, Roman & Ramsey meet up with Dom in Edinburgh as that’s where the second half of Project Aries is, Jakob is using an electromagnetic field to disrupt security systems in order to steal the second device. Tej & Roman are compromised when they find the magnetic device and are able to fight their way out when Ramsey starts to drive the truck the magnet is attached to while giving chase to Otto. Meanwhile Dom notices Jakob zip-lining from building to building and intercepts him leading to a fight between the two brothers. As they fight on the street and on top of busses and trucks, Otto is prepared for an extraction until Ramsey runs his car off the road with the truck. Jakob tries to make an escape by stealing a car, but Ramsey uses the magnet in the truck to apprehend him.

Otto regroups back at his base of operations and reunites with Cipher. Meanwhile back at the Toretto safe house, Jakob is kept captive in a cell. Letty & Mia then reacquaints the team with Han. Han reveals that Gisele was a former CIA operative working with Mr. Nobody. Han, who was still grieving over Giselle’s death was offered a job by Mr. Nobody and was assigned to protect Elle and Project Aries, Elle’s DNA being the final component for it. Mr. Nobody informed Han that one of his best agents went rogue. The two then formed a plan using Deckard Shaw as the cover to fake his death in order to better protect Elle. Otto compromises the safe house and frees Jakob, while Jakob reveals that he was the one that betrayed Mr. Nobody. When Dom tells Jakob he doesn’t deserve to have the Toretto name, Jakob gets angry and reveals what happened leading up to their dad’s last race in 1989, Jack was in deep debt and was planning to throw the race in order to get himself out of it, planning to fake his death so that his family could have a better life, but things went awry when he instructed Jakob to intentionally tamper with his car causing it to explode. Otto arrives at the bunker with his agents, rescues Jakob and kidnap Elle and recover the second half of the Project Aries. Dom fights the crew before he himself is stomped on. To avoid the guards from getting to Letty, he destroys the chains holding the bridge up, causing him and the guards to fall into the sea lock below.

Dom flashes back to his past, remembering how desperate their father was before the race and realizes that Jakob was telling the truth. Dom then envisions his own son who asks when he'll be coming home. Letty dives into the water and saves Dom from drowning. Knowing that all bets are off now that Jakob and Otto have everything they need to activate Project Aries, Dom tells the team that they have to go full force to stop them, including going into space to destroy a satellite.

F9 T3 16.png
Otto and Jakob launch a satellite into orbit
Otto has a satellite launch into Orbit, while Jakob has Elle activate the Aries device, as they wait for the satellite to activate, as they’re moving throughout Tbilisi in an armored 16-wheeler called the Armadillo, Dom, Letty, Mia, Ramsey & Han give chase and try to rescue Elle and stop them from uploading the satellite uplink, using the magnets they stole from the delivery truck in Edinburgh. As Mia & Han try to gain entrance on to the truck, Jakob gets double crossed by Otto, who reveals that he now works with Cipher. Jakob fights Otto’s right-hand man, Sue before being thrown off the truck. Dom & Mia manage to save him before he falls off and Jakob uses Han’s car to escape, but he redeems himself and returns to help Dom and Ramsey gain access to the truck.
F9 Space 23.jpg
Tej and Roman go to space
Meanwhile Tej & Roman are in orbit and destroy the satellite before Aries can be fully uploaded to it.
F9 T3 23.png
Cipher tries to kill Dom once more

Cipher appears to have one last trick up her sleeve, flying in on a jet in one last attempt to kill Dom, and is successful in blowing up the truck but only kills Otto, Dom managing to get out at the last minute, the truck then ricochets into Cipher’s jet, but it’s revealed that she was flying the jet on a computer simulator, which leads to her managing to slip away once again in frustration. Jakob arrives in Dom’s Charger and gives him his keys back. Dom tells him that there will be a lot of people after him, further stating that somebody once gave him a second chance by giving him a 10 second car, he will pay it forward by doing the same thing for Jakob, handing him back the keys to his car, finally forgiving Jakob for his role in their father’s death. Mia tells Jakob she lost him once and she’s not going to lose him again. Jakob then takes Dom’s Charger and escapes, going into hiding from enemies.

The International Space Station spots Tej & Roman and brings them back down to earth. Dom then takes little Brian to the tracks where his father competed. Telling his son he learned everything he needed to know about life during his time there.

In 1989 Dom appears, consoling a tearful Jakob after his fight with Kenny, Dom tells Jakob there will be some rough times ahead but in the end everything will be alright, all the while police sirens are heard in the background, leading to his arrest.

F9 EndScene 8.jpg
Brian O'Conner returns to his family

As they celebrate another successful mission with a family barbecue at the Toretto household, Han reunites with Sean, Twinkie & Earl, introducing them to Elle, while Roman & Tej argue about food, much to the chagrin of Ramsey. Santos (Don Omar) informs Mia that Leo owns his own restaurant in Brooklyn, also telling her the food is bad but those hipsters like it. Little Brian plays with Letty in the garage, and Dom asks him if he’s ready to say grace. Dom says they can’t say grace yet because notices an empty chair next to Mia, just as Brian O’Conner’s blue Nissan Skyline arrives in the driveway.

F9 PostCredits 13.jpg
Deckard Shaw comes face-to-face with Han Seoul-Oh

In a post credits scene, Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) is hitting a punching bag in his hideout. He unzips it to reveal a man inside who has plans that he was looking for, however he has already recovered a thumb drive with the plans and was using the man to train and stay in shape. As someone knocks on the door, Deckard traps the man in the punching bag again and opens the door to come face-to-face with Han who he's shocked is still alive.


Principal Cast

Supporting Cast



Director's Cut

It was announced in August 2021 that Justin Lin's cut of the film would be released for home viewing and would be titled F9: The Director's Cut. The cut would feature 7 minutes of additional footage that wasn't in the theatrical cut including flashbacks with other franchise characters, extended action scenes, a deepened rivalry between Dom and Jakob, more of Dom as a father, an additional appearance from Cardi B, extended Tej and Roman sequences and an expanded climax with The Armadillo.

Differences from the Theatrical Cut

  • The start of the film is extended. After Dom finds evidence of Jakob from Mr. Nobody's SOS message. He calls Mia who arrives to the farm to pickup Brian so Dom can be with Letty and the rest of the team.
  • When the team arrive to the base in the Caspian Sea, there is extended dialogue between Tej and Ramsey as they repair old computer parts. They discuss vintage technology before Roman comes to them with his theory on the team being invincible.
  • After Mia arrives at the Caspian Sea Bunker, Roman finds a room full of money from different countries, exclaiming that he'll be keeping some for himself.
  • There is extended dialogue between the team when Ramsey introduces them to Project Aries.
  • There is extended dialogue between Young Dom and his friends before his race with Jakob as well as additional dialogue between Dom and Jakob.
  • There is extended scenes of Mia and Letty in Tokyo searching through Han's old garage. They also mention Gisele as the link between Han and Mr. Nobody.
  • There is an extra scene with Cardi B at Hatfield House where she meets Dom coming to the house.
  • Extended dialogue between Jakob and Dom in the house where he talks about how (Dom) destroying villains paved the way for him (Jakob) to take over their territory.
  • A deleted scene where Dom calls Little Brian to check in.
  • Extended action sequences with The Armadillo, including more stunts and screentime.





  • Vin Diesel confirmed on January 25th, 2019 that production for Fast 9 would begin in February 2019 and would begin in London with himself and Michelle Rodriguez.[8]
  • Diesel also confirmed a female spin-off was in the works.
  • Chris Bridges announced his return along with the release date of April 10, 2020.[9]
  • Lucas Black is likely to return after signing a three-film deal with Universal.
  • In May 2018, the franchise acquired a new writer for Fast 9 and Fast 10, Daniel Casey.[10]
  • It is unknown if the primary location for Fast 9 is London as Vin Diesel expressed interest in setting it in Africa.
  • Diesel announced in 2018 that Jordana Brewster would return to reprise her role of Mia Toretto.
  • Dwyane Johnson confirmed that he was unable to appear in this installment of the saga, but his character would return in future installments.
    • Johnson also confirmed that Jason Statham would also not be returning.
  • It was later revealed that production was pushed back to June 2019 with its release date being pushed back as well.
  • Diesel confirmed that production would take place in London and Los Angeles and went to London in March for pre-production.
  • Filming will also occur in Thailand from July 1st to July 28th.
  • Vin Diesel announced on April 25th, 2019 that John Cena would be appearing in the franchise.
  • On June 7 it was confirmed that John Cena will appear in the 9th installment of the saga taking the place of Dwayne Johnson.
  • Instagram posts by Jordana Brewster and Vin Diesel confirmed the return of Ramsey.
  • Vin Diesel revealed through his Instagram on July 8th that Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren would return.
  • Production was stopped for a day after Vin Diesel’s stunt actor Joe Watts suffered life-threatening injuries after suffering a fall. He is currently in an induced coma.
    • It was announced later that Joe Watts was recovering safely.
  • In September 2019, Vin Diesel revealed the brand new 2020 Dodge Charger Hellcat as one of his cars in the movie.[11]
  • Vin Diesel's Instagram revealed that John Cena finished filming on October 10th.[12]
  • Vin Diesel posted a photo of himself and Don Omar on set, hinting that Rico Santos may have a cameo appearance.[13]
  • Filming officially wrapped November 10th, 2019.[14]
  • The first trailer was released on January 31st, 2020 with a live concert held on the same day entitled "The Road to F9". It also revealed the return of Sung Kang, Lucas Black and Jason Tobin.
  • On March 12th, 2020, Universal Studios announced that, due to a COVID-19 pandemic, that the film would be releasing on April 2, 2021, nearly an entire year after its announced release date of May 22, 2020. Thus taking the slated release date of Fast X[1]
  • In April 2020, Vin Diesel posted on Instagram about a behind the scenes war between himself, Universal and the Producers Guilt of America over getting PGA status for Fast & Furious 9. The original post has since been deleted.[15]
  • In May 2020, it was announced that AMC Theatres would no longer show Universal films after a feature film had a PVOD release. This news has led to concerns that Fast & Furious 9 may not have a theatrical release if other theatre companies follow AMC.[16]
  • In September 2020, Justin Lin returned to post-production after being shutdown due to COVID-19.[17]
  • Later that month, Michelle Rodriguez jokingly made claims that the film will be set in space. [18]
  • In October 2020, Brian O'Conner, Deckard Shaw, and Luke Hobbs were announced to have supporting roles in the movie and would help Dominic and his crew defeat Cipher and Jakob. It was also announced that Patton Oswalt will replace the late Paul Walker for the role of Brian after Walker's death, while Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson will reprise their roles as Deckard and Luke. But on April 2, 2021, it was announced that they are absent in the final cut.
  • Later that month, it was announced that the release date had been postponed again to May 28, 2021 due to "007 No Time to Die" being released on April 2nd and to avoid competition with the two films.[19]
  • In December 2020, Sung Kang shared a video to his Instagram showcasing multiple cars from the film that were being housed. Included in the video were appearances from Lucas Black and Bow Wow.[20]
  • In December 2020, Finn Cole teased his role in the film, stating that it would be a "small role" but an "important" role. Adding that his scenes could very well be cut from the film. [21]
  • In January 2021, it was announced that the film could suffer a further release delay.[22]
  • A teaser was posted on February 2021 during Super Bowl LV, showing the return of the Toretto House, an appearance from a Skyline, the return of Don Omar and some driving by Helen Mirren. [23] Following the teaser, it didn't say a specific release date but said it will be "In Theaters Soon".
  • In February 2021, Vin Diesel announced that the film would be released in Summer 2021.[24]
  • On February 10, 2021, Vin teased that although Cardi wasn’t featured in the trailer, Cardi will be playing Leysa in Fast & Furious 9, who is “a woman with a connection to Dom’s (Vin Diesel) past”.[25]
  • In March 2021, it was announced that the film would now be released on June 25th, 2021, with A Quiet Place: Part II taking its place.
  • That same month, it was announced that Vin Diesel's son, Vincent Sinclair, would be playing a young Dom in flashbacks.[26]
  • On April 7, 2021, according to Universal, the film passed Chinese censorship to receive official approval for release in China, but a specific China release date has not been set yet at this date.[27]
  • On April 11,2021 Vin Diesel announced that a second trailer for the movie would release on April 14th, 2021.[28]
  • On April 14,2021 Vin Diesel mentioned that the day John Cena visited him while meditating in his Dom Shrine, he felt Paul Walker ‘had sent him’ there to be cast in this film.[29]
  • On April 16, 2021, F9 director Justin Lin confirmed that Brian O'Conner is still alive in the movie universe, and as The Fast and Furious is gearing up to come to a close, Lin is looking for a respectful way to show Brian's precence.[30]
    • Also on this same day, Michelle Rodriguez announced that the ninth main installment in the action-packed racing franchise will be "bringing the females of the franchise to the forefront," like for example, Nathalie Emmanuel's character Ramsey will be "doing something other than typing into a computer" and that franchise veteran Jordanna Brewster's Mia gets some "full-on fight action sequences."[31]
  • On April 21,2021, Jason Statham reacted to the latest film's decision to bring Sung Kang's character Han Lue back from the dead. In speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Statham gave his reaction to Han's return, joking: "They better bring me back, because I need to put out that fire. If he's got any score to settle, it's with me".[32]
  • On April 22, 2021, Vin Diesel shared a post on Instagram where he mentioned that the Fast and Furious 9 trailer has broken records and he is grateful to be working with a fine set of the team behind the fast franchise.[33]
  • On April 24, 2021, Jordana Brewster shared a behind the scenes video of her training for an action sequence involving Mia[34]
  • Later that same month, Vin Diesel revealed that the film would flashback to the first race from The Fast and the Furious where it would be seen from a different perspective[35]
  • On April 29, 2021, a new IMAX poster for Fast & Furious 9 which pits Vin Diesel's Dominic Toretto against his younger brother Jakob, played by F&F newcomer John Cena was released.[36]
  • On April 30, 2021, Jordana Brewster shared her excitement in an interview at seeing her character, Mia Toretto, dig into serious action scenes for F9. Brewster also praised Michelle Rodriguez for championing more female roles in the franchise and reflects on the lasting legacy of the late Paul Walker, sharing that his presence never needs to be openly acknowledged on set because he’s “always with us.”.[37]
  • On May 3, 2021, Diesel mentioned how one of the biggest blessings of the Fast & Furious franchise is his relationship with Michelle. He went as far as to say how he's “ been told that the Dom-Letty love story is potentially the biggest love story that we’ve seen in cinema. After two decades, you understand that point.”[38]
    • Also on this day, it was revealed that Michelle Rodriguez previously threatened to leave the franchise because of the lack of female representation on and off the screen. Since Rodriguez has always prioritized female empowerment in her work, she pushed The Fast and The Furious movies to do the same early on. Later in the same interview Jordana Brewster recalled the incident Rodriguez, who plays Letty Ortiz, refused to play the character at first. The saying how "when Michelle read her role, she was like, 'No, I'm not playing that.' And then she changed it completely. It went from a trophy girlfriend to this really layered character," Brewster said.[39]
  • On May 4, 2021, Vin Diesel opened up about how F9, will explore the elusive backstory of Dominic Toretto.[40]
  • On May 5, 2021, it was revealed that before “F9” peels into movie theaters on June 25,2021 Universal is showcasing the “Fast and Furious” franchise with a series of free screenings.[42]
  • On May 6, 2021, Universal pictures has released a ‘CAR-NAGE' sneak peek trailer featuring an Edinburgh location for the ninth installment of the popular car-centric action saga.[43]
    • Also on this day, a new 90-second BTS video packed full of action as Diesel drives like “a bat out of hell.” There are some incredible behind-the-scene shots at how moments were filmed as well.[44]
  • On May 13, 2021, it was revealed by filmmaker Justin Lin, explained that his son, Oqwe, who was visiting him while he had to do meetings for the film. And during one of those meetings, they were brainstorming an action set-piece when the young boy comes up with an idea that ended up working its way into the film... Eventually, this became the scene where there is Roman and Tej, and Jakob needs to get to the other side. So in order to get there his son Oqwe just picked it up and pitched the idea of the plane and eventually became the scene of a plane magnetically carrying a car across a ravine.[45]
  • On May 15, 2021, a new promotional video for the film that highlights the fearless woman characters and the actresses who play them in the Fast & Furious franchise was released by Universal on their official YouTube channel.[46]
  • On May 16, 2021, it was revealed that 10 lucky fans in the Middle East can win tickets to the premiere of the film in Dubai.[47]
  • On May 18, 2021, a promotional event for F9 which was scheduled to be held in China's Shanghai on Tuesday was cancelled by Univerdal Pictures over security concerns after the company received threats.[48]
    • Also on this day, over in Dubai, the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, displayed the F9 teaser, announcing the film’s release in theatres across the globe.[49]
  • On May 19, 2021, it was revealed that the film will not premiere in India just yet, as cinemas remain shut due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The film is eyeing a late June release for now, which will be dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu along with the original.[50]
  • On May 20, 2021, it was announced that the film will premiere on June 24, 2021 in Irish theaters.[51]
  • On May 21, 2021, Jordana Brewster revealed that her 7-year-old son, Julian, will appear in the film in a small role.[7]
  • On May 22, 2021, with just eight markets in release, Universal’s F9 has propelled the Fast & Furious franchise across the $6B mark globally. As a result, it was revealed that the film has an estimated international box office cume of $127M through Saturday, and is eyeing a weekend total of $160M+, a sum we floated in our preview earlier this week. In addition, China, F9 has grossed RMB 680M ($105M) through Saturday, already the biggest Hollywood opening of the pandemic era. It is on track to become the 2nd biggest opening for Universal and the Fast Franchise in the market behind The Fate of the Furious.[52]
  • On May 24, 2021 a new promotional image of Michelle Rodriguez doing a stunt for the film was released via Fandango.[53]
  • On May 25, 2021, John Cena had to apologize to Chinese fans on Tuesday after calling Taiwan a country in a promotional interview, but many viewers in the world’s largest film market have deemed his beseeching appeal for forgiveness insufficient.[54]
  • On May 26,2021, the film bowed in many international territories, including the box office powerhouse that is China, and as a result it is the number one movie in the world. With this in mind, the cast of F9, thanked those global movie audiences for the film's early success.[55]
    • Also on this day, it was revealed that inn China, F9 crossed the magic barrier of $ 100 million and back initially stoodat $ 139 million. Which in turn meant that the movie also managed to set a record during the Covid-19 pandemic.[56]
  • On May 30,2021, it was revealed that F9 enjoyed a second weekend at the front of the South Korean box office. It was joined by Disney film Cruella in keeping the nationwide gross total over $6 million for a second week. This meant that F9 grossed $3.21 million between Friday and Sunday of that week, according to data from the Korean Film Council’s Kobis tracking service. Unfortunately, there was a 43% drop from its film opening lap a week earlier, but it was still good enough for first place and good enough for a 49.6% market share (despite being down from 85%).[57]
  • On June 7, 2021, according to Variety it was revealed that F9, the latest installment of Universal’s action-packed “Fast & Furious” franchise, is the teased “planetary blockbuster” heading to the Cannes Film Festival for the 2021 edition.[58]
    • Also on this day, it was revealed that despite the film not releasing yet major markets such as: North America, India and Europe, it has already crossed the 250 million dollars mark globally.[59]
  • On June 8, 2021, some lucky guests at Universal Studios Hollywood taking a ride on the Studio Tour were able to see and meet Vin Diesel; ahead of the films USA premiere.[60]
  • On June 9, 2021, a promotional video featuring Sung Kang was released exclusively by IGN.[61]
  • The movie was released online for On-Demand viewing on July 30th, 2021.
  • In August 2021, a VFX company revealed that there was a deleted scene of Brian O'Conner and Dominic Toretto that flashed back to The Fast and the Furious.
  • Later that month, it was announced that Justin Lin's "directors cut" of the movie would be released on DVD and On-Demand streaming in September 2021.


  • Cipher mentions to Jakob about how she recruited Dom to work for her "a few years back", indicating that F9 takes place in 2019 as The Fate of the Furious takes place in 2017.
  • This is the first movie in the franchise to not show the title at the beginning.
  • This is the first movie in the franchise to not have Dwayne Johnson reprise his role as Luke Hobbs.
  • This is the first movie in the franchise to have the cast from Tokyo Drift return including Sung Kang.
  • Dominic Toretto's past was previously mentioned in the first film where he tells it to Brian, which would eventually be a flashback sequence in the opening and middle parts of the film.
  • The flashback sequences are somewhat similar to early stock car racing movies, notably Days of Thunder.
    • Michael Rooker, who portrayed Buddy, previously portrayed Rowdy Burns in Days of Thunder. The character from the film was a NASCAR driver and Cole Trickle's rival before being replaced by Russ Wheeler, while Buddy was one of Dominic Toretto's pit crew in the flashback scene of the film. Though not similar, the flashback sequences are similar to Days of Thunder as it involved stock car racing since it took place in 1989.
    • Kenny Linder's dirty racing is somewhat similar to both Rowdy Burns and Russ Wheeler as he somewhat has a hatred towards Jack Toretto. He could also be similar to Chick Hicks, the main antagonist from Cars.
  • F9 is the first movie to be delayed to the following year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During that year, big blockbusters about to be released in March and April were also suffering numerous delays; No Time to Die was set for release on April 2020 but was delayed to November 2020, and would eventually be delayed to April and then October of 2021, A Quiet Place II was delayed indefinitely before being released in May 28, 2021 after having its release dates shifted from September 2020 to September 2021, and Mulan was also delayed indefinitely, though it would be released on Disney Plus Premier Access on September 4, 2020. Because of this, F9 is the first movie to be delayed to the following year, with movies set to be released this year only to suffer delays with some of them being ended up on streaming services.
  • In the scene where Sean Boswell, Twinkie, and Earl make their first appearance building a rocket car, Earl tells Sean "this isn't Top Gun, Maverick". This is basically a reference to the 1986 film Top Gun, which starred Tom Cruise and was about a fighter pilot who is sent to the Top Gun Naval School for his recklessness. Coincidentally, this references its forthcoming sequel Top Gun: Maverick, which was set for release in June 26, 2020, only to be delayed to December 23, 2020, to July 3, 2021, then to November 19, 2021 and eventually May 27, 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the rise of the Delta variant.
  • When Roman and Tej are found by the International Space Station after destroying the Project Aries satellite, the space crew inside refer to them as minions due to the yellow spacesuits they're wearing, referencing the fictional yellow creatures in the Despicable Me franchise which was also distributed and made by Universal. Coincidentally, it's spin off Minions: Rise of Gru was set for release in July 3, 2020, only to be delayed to next year to July 2, 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of Illumination Mac Guff's studio in response to the pandemic. The film would later be delayed to July 1, 2022 in a final delay just as F9 was delayed the 4th time to June 25, 2021.
  • Unlike the other films in the franchise, F9 uses the 1990 Universal Pictures logo at the beginning of the film instead of the current 2012 logo. This is likely because of the flashback at the start taking place in 1989.


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