Callie Spengler

Callie Spengler[1] is the daughter of Egon Spengler and the mother of the two children Phoebe and Trevor. They moved into their grandfather's old rundown farmhouse near Summerville.


Callie was born in 1982.[Note 1] During her adolescence, she took ballet and sold over 10,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.[2][3] The latter got her mentioned in a Chicago newspaper article written by a freelance journalist named Joel Tobman. By 1987, the amount of freckles she had doubled.[4] In high school, Callie was on a track team. She attended college in Ohio where she was a major/minor in English/Spanish/Psychology, wore #3 for her school's woman's soccer team, was a four year letterwinner and co-captain, and in one season she was a second team All-Ohio Athletic Conference and third team All-Ohio pick.[5] Callie grew up resenting never knowing her biological father and not having him in her life. She developed abandonment issues and a dislike of science as a result of Egon's absence. She was completely unaware that Egon was keeping track of her life.[6] In February 2006, she had a son who was named Trevor and in 2009, a daughter named Phoebe.[7][8] Their biological father turned out to be a "dirtbag" and left at some point after Phoebe was born.[9] Callie raised her children alone in Chicago. She had a hard time making ends meet and eventually went broke.

In summer 2021, Callie was contacted by Janine Melnitz and notified her father died. One morning, Trevor tried to eat breakfast and watch a car video on his camera phone while Callie gave him a hair cut in their apartment room at the Anderson East Estates on Barneson Street in Chicago.[Note 2] Trevor was annoyed but Callie claimed she was almost done and mockingly adored his mustache. He disliked her teasing. The power in the apartment hummed and caused Callie to become distracted. She inadvertently tagged Trevor's right ear with the electric shaver. He recoiled and touched his ear. He was not pleased to discover he was bleeding. Callie told him he would then went to check on Phoebe. Callie found Phoebe crouched down near a big hole where an electrical outlet used to be. Phoebe announced she tied it the neighbor's electricity and brought theirs up to 220. The bright light of Phoebe's head lamp blinded Callie. She turned away with her hands out and told her turn it off. Phoebe declared she could run her lath. Callie asked her why she did not think to ask her. Phoebe pointed out her ineptitude for science. Callie noticed her hair drier on a pile. Phoebe brought up she was better at other things like quesadillas. Callie thanked her for the reassurance.

After there was a knock at the front door, Trevor called out to Callie. She was annoyed he just sat in his seat. Trevor reminded her he was not an adult. Callie opened the door and learned from the landlord they were evicted. Callie assured him she was literally going to pick up a check. He asked her is she won the lottery. She replied did kind of and revealed her father died. He reacted to the bad news naturally. She told him to relax and stated she did not even know him and was surprised he left her anything. He thought that sounded like his father. She asked him if his father abandoned his family and moved to a farm in the middle of nowhere. He replied his father did not. Callie admitted she was not a reliable or consistent tenant in the past then asked him for a week to settle some loose ends and she would return with everything she owed. The power went out and there was a loud sound. He tried to look inside the apartment. Phoebe shouted she could fix that. The landlord stated he would wait for her to leave then he would change the locks. He posted the eviction notice on the front door and left. Callie took it off and closed the door.

Callie initially mislead Trevor and Phoebe and told them their trip to Summerville was only going to take a week. At one point in the drive from Chicago to Summerville, there was car trouble. Callie and Phoebe sat on their Subaru's roof while Trevor fixed something under the hood then they continued on. As they drove through Summerville, Trevor was not content with the weak cell phone signals he was getting on his phone. He was not happy he could not even get a bar. Callie hoped there was a bar in town. Phoebe scoffed at the wordplay. They soon arrived at the Farmhouse. Trevor read the lines painted on improvised signs making up a quote from Revelations 6:12 at the entrance. He noted it was maybe a good thing Callie never met her father. Trevor took one look and called their new home a murder house. Callie tried to open the front door but it was locked. She lifted up the mat and looked in vain for a key. She asked Phoebe to break in. Callie tried to look through a window. Callie was dismayed at the sorry state of the interior. She scoffed here were no photos, looked at a tall stack of books taller than her, and noticed a torn up armchair. An earthquake prompted them to take cover under the dining table. Trevor joked, "Remember that summer we died under a table?" Callie was annoyed the house was on a fault line. Phoebe speculated it was frakking. Callie found it frakking annoying. The earthquake stopped. Trevor took solace in the face they would only be in town for a week. Callie came clean they were living in Summerville permanently. Trevor recalled she said she had money saved up. Callie confirmed she did before she had children. Phoebe pointed out she was never good with money. Callie thanked her for the support.

Janine walked in and asked how she could help them. Callie rambled but eventually stated the house was her father's. Janine introduced herself and noted she was the one who called her on the phone. She hesitated then stated she was friends with Egon and told Callie she was very sorry for her loss. Callie told her it was okay and she probably knew him better than she did. Callie mused she should be sorry for her loss. Janine clarified she just kept the bills paid on time. Callie mistook Janine for a money manager. Janine revealed there was no money to manage and recalled Egon could barely keep the power on. Callie realized Egon left them nothing. Janine disagreed and stated there was quite a bit of debt. Callie was stunned then gathered herself and stated she came to sign the forms, pack the silverware, and leave with the rent check. She asked Janine if the Farmhouse was worthless. Janine asked if she meant aside from the sentimental value.

That evening, they went to Spinners Roller Hop for dinner. Callie was surprised a roller hop still existed. Trevor was livid they had to spend a summer a heatwave. He whined they had lives back in Chicago. Callie contended she had one too. Trevor countered did not because she was a mom and lived for them. She was amused. Trevor noticed Lucky, a teenage waitress, and followed after her. Callie understood. She turned to Phoebe in the back seat and told her she might make a friend. Phoebe jokingly asked what she would make them out of. Callie implored her to keep an open mind about their new home being an opportunity to start fresh. A Roller Granny brought Callie her order. She asked Callie where she was headed. Callie informed her she was staying at the farmhouse off the highway with the barn. The granny was surprised the "Dirt Farmer" had a family. Callie asked her if she knew Egon. The granny scoffed and stated no one knew him. Callie mused he would be missed. Granny simply replied with a "Nope," pushed off Callie's car, and rolled away.

The next day, while Callie drove Trevor to work and Phoebe to summer school, she advised Phoebe not be afraid to start a conversation. Trevor reacted in disagreement. He thought that was horrible advice and she was literally setting her up for failure. To prove his point, Trevor asked Phoebe how her were jokes coming along. Phoebe told them one: "Why should you never trust atoms? Because they make up everything." Trevor turned back to Callie. She claimed it was funny. Trevor declared it was not and asked to be dropped off. Callie was amused he was too embarrassed to be seen with his mother. He quickly admitted it, told her bye, and crossed the street to Spinners. Callie honked and yelled out she loved him. Callie walked Phoebe to Summerville Middle School but noticed something was wrong and inquired. Phoebe clarified she loved learning, not school and summer school was a state sponsored work camp for delinquents. Callie offered her an alternative: help scrape asbestos out of the attic. Phoebe decided to take her chances with public education. Callie took her sunglasses off, stopped at the entrance, and advised Phoebe not to be yourself. Gary Grooberson opened the door next to her and asked if she was okay. Callie told him it was her child's first day and asked him if he could imagine who they got teaching summer school. Gary informed her he was the summer school teacher. She apologized. Gary told her it was okay and pointed out most of the children were not very bright. He greeted a boy named Colin. Colin pushed past Callie and ignored Gary. Gary summarized he could do whatever he wanted. Callie commented that was a score. Gary agreed and called it a dream job. She walked outside, turned her head once to take one more look, then resumed walking.

Callie went to Wertheimer's Hardware to gather supplies. The owner inquired if she was doing some painting. She confirmed it. He asked where she was staying. She told him she was at the Farmhouse and it used to be her father's. She grabbed two roller brushes. He was surprised the "Dirt Farmer" had a family. Callie started to understand everyone in town called Egon that. He clarified he meant nothing by it and explained the name originated from the fact he spent every week working a piece of land but never seeded it, never watered it, and never grew anything. He found it curious behavior but reckoned he was a great customer because he bought some bizarre stuff. Callie mused that sounded like him. That evening, Callie fell asleep on the dining table after drinking some wine.

The next day, Gary drove Phoebe and Podcast to the Farmhouse. Podcast found an Aztec Death Whistle and blew into it. Callie walked into the study to see what the horrific sound was. Podcast asked if he could keep the whistle. Callie told him to keep it as long as he did not use it again. Gary greeted her. She noted he brought them. Gary stated it was a service he provided, he was also an escort. She reacted. He admitted that came out wrong. She agreed. Gary admitted he always wondered what was inside the Farmhouse. Callie informed him the only thing lurking inside was her slowly dying soul. Gary asked if that was what the smell was. Callie quipped it was not dinner. Phoebe and Podcast stared at them in disbelief. Callie was about to offer something but he quickly accepted. She admitted she had no food. Callie suggested a tour. He accepted. She showed him the dining room. Podcast quickly deduced Gary was trying to bone Callie. Phoebe was bothered by the revelation and "threw up on the inside." Gary noticed an ancient looking map written in some kind of cuneiform. He realized it was a map of Summerville even though it was written in a language from thousands of years ago and the town was less than 100 years old. He was surprised at how uninterested Callie was in it and asked to have it. Callie allowed him to take it but warned him that was how it started: first a map, then you move into a haunted house, and then everyone started calling him a "Dirt Farmer." He smiled then asked if Phoebe would want to hear about the map, too. Callie believed Phoebe would find something.

That night, Callie went into Phoebe's bedroom. Phoebe closed her laptop. Callie asked what she was up to. Phoebe claimed she was conducting experiments. Callie thought that was lame and was surprised she found popcorn. Phoebe asked her what kind of scientist her grandfather was. Callie replied the kind that repelled loved ones. Phoebe guessed a physicist. Callie lost interest and was about to leave. She informed Phoebe she was thinking of grabbing dinner with Gary the next day. Phoebe asked who Gary was. Callie informed her that was her teacher's name. Phoebe stated she was going on a date with "Gary Grooberson." Callie claimed it was just dinner and told her good night. Phoebe advised her not to be herself. Callie chuckled and left.

Callie and Gary went to Enjoy Garden Restaurant for dinner. Gary went on about how Summerville never had earthquakes but between 2010 and 2016, there was a thousand. Callie asked what happened. Gary informed her oil and gas companies pumped millions of gallons of salinated water deep into the Arbuckle Formation. He paused and asked her if she was drunk or really bored. She denied it. Gary noted he saw her falling asleep. Callie stated she was allergic to science. Gary suggested Benadryl. Callie told him she tried whiskey. Gary claimed science was amazing, pure, an absolute, and an answer to all the madness. He asked her why she disliked science then asked if Phoebe's dad was a scientist. Callie found that gross. Gary probed what the dad's deal was. Callie claimed it did not matter but told him anyway that the father got along fine with Trevor but couldn't really connect with Phoebe. Gary thought he sounded like a royal dirt bag. Callie corrected him and said he was just a very ordinary dirt bag. Gary took solace that Phoebe turned out okay. Callie hoped so and was worried because she kept her on the outside. Gary assured her Phoebe was just an awkward nerdy kid but she was awesome like her mother. Callie shared her wish that Phoebe would relax and get into some trouble. Gary believed there was plenty of time for that and joked she could take up pole dancing. Callie quipped she was not very coordinated. Gary joked that did not matter. She chuckled. Muncher later flew through the Chinese restaurant and startled Gary and Callie.

Callie and Gary cut their dinner short and went to the Summerville County Sheriff's Department. Callie asked Deputy Medjuck where her children were. Medjuck informed her they were in lockup. She stated her children were not criminals. Medjuck believed her in a sarcastic tone. Sheriff Domingo stepped out of his office and told Callie they were driving without a license, had an expired registration, and were speeding. Callie presumed they were not the first to go joyriding in Summerville. Gary protested and pointed out it was a Saturday night. Domingo confirmed they were not the first to joyride but they were the first to destroy half of Main Street with a Proton Pack. He had no idea what it was and pointed to it on the front desk. Gary was amazed by the sight of it. Phoebe and Trevor were escorted to the front. Trevor's cuffs were taken off. Callie asked them what the hell they were thinking. Gary joined in and pointed out they could have really hurt themselves. While Callie's back was to him, Gary's face indicated the opposite and he thought they did something really cool. He casually introduced himself to a confused Trevor. Domingo asked the officers if they processed them out yet. Callie angrily took the cap off a pen and looked at the release form. Callie told them they were leaving then reminded him he was supposed to look after Phoebe this summer. Gary was surprised. Callie clarified she was talking to Trevor. Trevor quibbled the incident was Phoebe's idea. Phoebe inquired about their equipment and Ecto-1. Domingo informed her they would remain nice and safe in their impound locker. Phoebe protested and stated they needed all of it. Callie ordered her to come along. Phoebe stated they caught a ghost. Medjuck snickered and referred to them as the Dirt Farmer's family. Phoebe warned there would be more. Domingo told her she was starting to sound like her lunatic grandfather. Phoebe heard enough, grabbed the Particle Thrower, turned it on, and aimed it at Domingo. Callie stepped in front of her and claimed she did not mean it. Domingo remained calm and asked her if she wanted to spend the night in his jail. Callie forcefully took the thrower away. She held it vertically by the wood grip and handed it to Domingo. Callie ordered Phoebe out again. Phoebe stormed off. Callie called out to Trevor then left the office.

Gary parked in front of the Farmhouse. Everyone got out. Gary was about to say something but Trevor and Phoebe walked right into the house. Gary brushed it off. Callie and Gary both half shrugged to each other. She apologized for the night going sideways. He claimed he had a blast and suggested they continue their dinner the next night. Callie asked him if he really wanted more. Gary looked at the bright side: they had kung pao shrimp and went to jail. He was unsure how they were going to top a home run like that. Callie looked down, exhaled, and looked up again. She stated her life was a dumpster fire. Gary declared he loved dumpster fires and she should see his apartment. He corrected himself on the latter. She leaned in and kissed his cheek. He stopped rambling. As she walked to the door, he joked they were moving way too fast and she had to just relax. Gary held up a while plastic bag and offered to give the children their leftover shrimp. Callie closed the door.

Phoebe stared at the inactive P.K.E. Meter in the study. Callie walked in and dumped her purse. She reminded Phoebe they were barely hanging on. Phoebe stated she did not understand. Callie countered she understood they drove around town, destroying expensive property. Phoebe stood up and asked if she ever thought Egon went to Summerville for a reason. Callie revealed she only thought he was a sad old man who turned his back on his family and his partners for a stupid farm in a town nobody cared about and where everyone thought he was nuts. Phoebe thought he was special and loved science like her. She asked her why she never shared that Egon was her grandfather. Phoebe started to tear up. Callie was glad Phoebe found herself but she herself only saw reminders that she did not mean a thing to him and he never cared about her. Phoebe stated he was not nuts. Callie declared he was an asshole and welcomed her to the family. Trevor sat near the top of the staircase upstairs in silence.

The next day, Callie called out for Phoebe in the Farmhouse. She looked in Phoebe's bedroom and sighed. She picked up the P.K.E. Meter and looked at the back of it. It registered an entity. She waves it to the right and it went dead. She waves it back to the left and it registered. Callie followed the reading to the shed and took the fire pole down into an underground laboratory. Lamps turned on. She walked over to a desk and picked up a photo frame. A lamp moved closer towards her. Egon was still communicating through objects only. She turned and looked at it. The lamp tilted up. She placed the frame down. It was of a girl in a white dress doing a ballet pose. She took a few steps and saw a wall with tons of photographs and notes about her. There was a snarl. Callie turned her head. From the darkness, Zuul lunged and roared at her. Callie was possessed then returned to the study in the house and sat on the armchair. Some time later, Phoebe returned and called out to Callie. Phoebe got no response. Podcast walked inside. Without looking up at them, Callie whispered, "There is no Mom. There is only Zuul." Phoebe and Podcast exchanged looks and slowly stepped toward Callie. Phoebe asked her if she was okay. Callie's eyes were red. She repeated, "There is no Mom. There is only Zuul." Zuul's demonic voice was heard then she started to breathe quickly. Trevor and Lucky ran in. Trevor wanted to know what was happening. Phoebe called to her again. Lucky asked if she was okay. The P.K.E. Meter registered. Phoebe and Podcast leaned in. Podcast got on his knees in front of her. Zuul got in his face and snarled then stroked the left side of his face. She asked him if was the Keymaster. Podcast had no idea. Phoebe was aghast. Podcast asked Phoebe what to do. Phoebe pulled at Zuul. Zuul snarled angrily. The taser setting suddenly activated on the P.K.E. Meter. Zuul quickly took cover behind the armchair. Suddenly, there was another earthquake. Zuul saw the atmospheric disturbance at the mine, snarled, and jumped through a window, shattering the glass. Phoebe yelled for her mother. She the P.K.E. Meter from Trevor and ran outside.

Zuul and Vinz Cortho soon reunited. She opened her shirt and threw it to her side. Her clothes morphed into a shiny dress. Vinz quickly got up and briskly walked to her. He complimented her eyes. Zuul spoke in dog gibberish. He thanked her, took the flower off his ear and offered it. She ate it. They embraced and dropped down to the ground. Zuul and Vinz walked hand in hand to the Temple of Gozer stairwell in the mine. Ecto-1 was off to the side. Podcast and Phoebe sneaked in closer on foot and took cover. Zuul and Vinz took their places on each side then raised their arms up. Gozerian lightning from the disturbance above the mine struck Zuul and Vinz. They were transmogrified into their Terror Dog forms and Gozer arrived. Phoebe distracted Gozer with jokes while Podcast trapped Zuul. Gozer violently reacted and energy shot out of its body. Callie appeared and fell down the stairs. Trevor started up Ecto-1 and the sirens turned on. It slid in with its rear facing the stairs. Podcast and Phoebe headed into the rear with Callie. Phoebe closed the door and Ecto-1 took off. The Remote Trap Vehicle followed close behind. Phoebe switched on the Particle Thrower.

Callie came to and asked what was going on. Phoebe told her it was okay. Podcast informed her she was possessed. Phoebe added she turned into a dog. Podcast added she got kind of "humpy." Callie was only getting more lost. Trevor yelled out for everyone to hold on. They turned at Spinners. Podcast lowered the hatch for the Remote Trap Vehicle. Callie remembered the underground laboratory. Phoebe cut her off and told her she knew about it. Callie recalled seeing computers and equipment. Podcast thought the place was insane. Callie agreed and revealed she sussed out Egon had a plan. Phoebe informed her they were aware. Callie remembered seeing all the photographs of her and realizing Egon was tracking her entire life. Podcast found that rewarding. Phoebe thought it was super but Trevor pointed out they were in the middle of trying to save the world. Callie wanted in. Vinz Clortho made a move for the Remote Trap Vehicle but missed. Podcast steered it to the sidewalk. Callie asked what that was. Trevor replied that was her boyfriend Gary. She took issue with "boyfriend." Vinz chased the Remote Trap Vehicle onto the sidewalk. He rammed into benches, tables, chairs, and newsstands before stumbling and tripping. Phoebe told her the Gatekeeper was in the Trap and her reunited with the Keymaster was bad. Callie was not catching on. Phoebe put a pin in it, pulled the lever, and moved outside on the gunner chair then she blasted Vinz. Vinz yelped. Phoebe returned inside. Callie was shocked. Phoebe stated she was a scientist. The Remote Trap Vehicle reached the ramp but faltered then finally entered the car. Phoebe continued explaining the plan to Callie. Back home, Callie stepped out next and stared upwards at the Psychokinetic Atmospheric Influence above them. Phoebe yelled at Callie to follow her. Phoebe headed to the porch. Callie stopped in front of the porch. The corn field rustled. Callie stood in front of Phoebe and told her to get back. Phoebe protested.

Gozer, in a disembodied form pushed the stalks aside and walked out onto the dirt. Phoebe held out the Trap. She told Callie to pull the lever. Callie looked around, saw it, and pulled it. The capacitors surged on. Gozer turned and looked at the capacitor silos. The Traps buried in the field hummed. Lucky kicked the front door open with the Proton Pack on. She fired and wrangled Gozer. Trevor came out of Ecto-1 on the gunner seat but his thrower failed to fire. Mini-Pufts were on the back of the gunner seat disabling the pack. Podcast saw one on his left cuff and screamed. Gozer grabbed the Proton Stream and wrapped it around its right arm several times. Phoebe ordered Callie to hit the pedal. Callie stomped the pedal. The red lights on hundreds of buried Traps turned on but the capacitors went offline. Gozer tugged the stream and Lucky went flying forward. Phoebe and Callie ran to Lucky. Trevor asked Podcast what he was doing. Podcast yelled he had his own problems. Vinz blocked Phoebe from Lucky and the pack. Callie and Gozer pulled at the Trap. Gozer wrested it away and Callie fell over. Gozer ripped the Trap in two. Lucky was possessed by Zuul and transmogrified. Trevor was speechless. Zuul snarled at Callie and she screamed. Gozer was restored to full power. Gozer's fingertips energized and she aimed at Callie and Phoebe. Callie closed her eyes as the energy neared her face.

Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman, and Winston Zeddemore stepped out in their flight suits and had Proton Packs, exchanged words with Gozer, then blasted it. Gozer uncrossed the streams and sent them into Ecto-1. Peter stalled with his mouth then Gozer was shot in the back the head. It turned its head. Phoebe has the Proton Pack on. They fired at each other. The streams of energy collided. Callie was naturally concerned for her daughter. Phoebe started to lose ground and was pushed backwards. Suddenly, an ethereal hand held the thrower with Phoebe and kept it steady. Callie was shocked. Egon's ghost had fully manifested. Egon and Phoebe exchanged looks. She was in total shock. Ray, Peter, and Winston blasted Gozer, too. Phoebe and Egon inched their way to the Ghostbusters. Podcast tasered several Mini-Pufts and got the Ecto-1's gunner seat's Proton Pack working again. Trevor shot the silo capacitors and the Traps buried in the field hummed back on. Callie noticed the Traps and ran up to the porch and stomped the pedal. The Traps all opened and captured the ghost wisps, atmopsheric disturbance, Gozer, Zuul, and Vinz. Callie grabbed Phoebe and hugged her very tightly. She told Callie she could not breathe. Peter came over to them and went down on one knee. He introduced himself and shook Phoebe's hand, thanking her for pitching in. Phoebe replied he was welcome. Peter liked her style and acknowledged Callie. Callie stated she was "Callie Spengler." Peter called Spengler a weird name and advised her to make the best of that. He declared they were going to have cocoa inside the house and some of them were having rum with it.

Callie and Gary talked. Gary summarized that was weird. She agreed. Gary touched his head and realized he was bleeding but did not know why. Callie informed him he headbutted a park bench. Gary remembered. After some awkwardness, Gary tried to address that they had sex when they were possessed and opened the gates to hell. Callie pointed out they saved the world after. Trevor greeted Egon. Egon placed his left hand on Trevor's right shoulder. They turned to Phoebe. Egon knelt down and parted her hair. She teared up. Egon turned to Callie. He stood up. She walked over. They looked at each other. Callie ran up and hugged him. He was relieved and hugged her back. A tear streamed down from Callie's right eye. Egon peacefully dispersed upwards and they all looked up into the sky.


Callie is a cynical person and strongly dislikes the field of science.

Behind The Scenes

On March 1, 2019, it was reported Carrie Coon was in talks to star in the movie and the story will focus on a single mom and her family, with Coon playing the mom and Finn Wolfhard playing her son.[10] Jason Reitman quoted a tweet about the report and the added detail the family has mysterious ties to the 1984 movie.[11]

On March 29, 2019,Jason Reitman confirmed Mckenna Grace, Carrie Coon, and Finn Wolfhard will portray the new family in the movie.[12]

On December 6, 2019, a first look article was published by Vanity Fair. It was revealed Carrie Coon portrayed Callie and she and her children left everything they knew and moved to a small town in Oklahoma after inheriting property from the father Callie never knew.[13]

On September 14, 2020, Callie Coon commented she isn't just filling a mom role and her character "has a personality, a sense of humor and she does get in on the action."[14]

On June 8, 2021, during Ghostbusters Day festivities, Carrie Coon talked about playing a mom just trying to make ends meet and find resources to keep her family afloat and hasn't time for the other parts of her life. Callie shares a cynical sense of humor with Gary Grooberson.[15]


  • Callie and her children lived in Apartment 2B, it is seen on door eight seconds into Trailer #1.
  • Phoebe shines her headlight in Callie's face, similar to when Egon did the same to Peter in the first movie when they interviewed Dana Barrett.
  • Callie has no aptitude for science according to Phoebe.[16] Callie notes to Gary that she has an "allergy" to science.[17]
  • Callie makes excellent quesadillas according to Phoebe.[18]
  • Callie, Phoebe, and Trevor losing their home and getting wrapped up in a paranormal event mirrors how Peter, Egon, and Ray were fired from Columbia University in the first movie.
  • The license plate number of Callie's car is 48IRG91.
  • Callie isn't good with money.
  • In one cut of the movie, Callie advised Phoebe to start winking so people would know when she was kidding.[19]
  • Callie picks Behr Premium Plus Interior Eggshell Enamel from the hardware store.
  • Paul Rudd and Carrie Coon improvised their characters' flirtation after Gary and Callie meet in the Farmhouse.[20]
  • Callie's "it's just dinner" is similar to when Dana Barrett downplayed her date with Peter in Ghostbusters II.
  • Phoebe tells Callie not to be herself for the dinner, a callback to Phoebe's first day of school.
  • The scene where Callie and Grooberson eat dinner was filmed in the Enjoy Garden on Railway Street in Crossfield, Alberta.
  • "Foolish Try" plays during Callie and Mr. Grooberson’s date.
  • On Callie and Grooberson's table are a pair of orange Neko Lucky Cat Ceramic Tiki Mugs.[21]
  • During chemistry reads, Carrie Coon did the argument scene used after the Sheriff's Office with Mckenna Grace.[22]
  • There was more about Callie's backstory that got streamlined for the final cut of Afterlife.[23][24]
  • Photos from Carrie Coon's childhood and college years were used for the underground lab scene when Callie realizes Egon was keeping track of her life.[25]
  • A framed photo reveals Callie took ballet in her youth.
  • An article reveals during her childhood in Chicago, Callie sold 10,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.
  • Some photos show that Callie was on a track team in high school.
  • An article reveals Callie went to college in Ohio, had a major/minor in English/Spanish/Psychology, wore #3 on her jersey on a woman's soccer team, was a four year letterwinner and co-captain, and in one season she was a second team All-OAC and third team All-Ohio pick
  • One of Egon's notes amid Callie's photos notes her dorm room shows serious fatigue in all load bearing, callback to Egon's assessment of the Firehouse in the first movie.
  • At the 1:26:37 mark, left of Callie's left shoulder, there is a note card that lists Callie's second birthday in 1984. Thus, Callie was born in 1982.
  • Possessed Callie's line "There is no Mom, only Zuul" is a callback to the first movie when she possessed Dana Barrett and told Peter, "There is no Dana, only Zuul."
  • Possessed Callie breathes heavily just like possessed Dana did in bed when the Containment Unit was shut down in the first movie.
  • Possessed Callie and Grooberson's transformation into Terror Dogs mirrors Dana Barrett and Louis Tully's transformation in the first movie.


Primary Canon Appearances

Secondary Canon (Expanded Universe) Appearances


  1. According to Egon's notes on a note card seen at the 1:26:37 mark, Callie celebrated her second birthday in 1984. Therefore, she was born in 1982. The note card is left of Callie's left shoulder when her back is to the screen as she is looking at the board of photographs, clipping, and notes about her life. The note card is to the left of the full size photograph of her in a blue dress with a white collar and above a yellow Post It note. The top of the note card reads "Birthday 1984" and the line below it reads "Two Years Old."
  2. According to the close up on the eviction notice seen in the first Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer, released on December 9, 2019, Callie, Trevor, and Phoebe lived in the Anderson East Estates on Barneson Street in Chicago, Illinois.


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