Title Bull of Minos
Relations Theseus (Former Rival turned Friend)
Ariadne (Sister)
Affiliation House of Hades
Voice Logan Cunningham
Life isn't particularly fair, short one. Nor death. I'd have expected you to know as much. But here, have your fair fight.
~ Asterius
The Minotaur
Location Elysium
Combat Style Various
Health 14,000
Armor ?
Base Damage Varies

Asterius, also known as the Minotaur, is a bull-headed demi-human who was recruited by Hades to help prevent Zagreus's escape. In life, Asterius was locked in a labyrinth by his father, King Minos, only to eventually be slain by Theseus. In death, the two are apparently comrades.

Asterius is a potential mid-boss encounter in Elysium, as well as always appearing as the final boss of Elysium, alongside King Theseus in the Elysium Stadium.


Asterius cannot be given Nectar or Ambrosia.

Codex entry

'...In life, the wretched abomination known as the Minotaur was feared across the coast of Greece; those cast into the Labyrinth in which he, himself, was trapped had no hope of escape. That was until the young hero Theseus entered the Labyrinth voluntarily, and slew him in what was, by most accounts, a spectacular battle. A famous tale -- but what happened when they reunited in death needs to be told, as well. Here, they say Theseus again discovered the Minotaur, whose soul had lingered restlessly at the edge of the Underworld, and Theseus took pity on him. Though, I think there is more to it than that. I think Theseus saw in the bull-man Asterius his greatest rival. Thus he offered Asterius a seat of honor in Elysium alongside him; a just result, for their fame and glory are intertwined.'

Asterius Quotes

For quotes and dialogue regarding Asterius, please refer to Asterius/Quotes.


Asterius has the same abilities and attack patterns in both his own arena and the Elysium Stadium encounter. He begins both fights with three abilities: Axe Combo, Leap Combo, and Bull Rush. When reduced to 50% max HP, Asterius enters his second phase, where he gains two additional abilities: Overhead Axe and Crescent Combo.

  • Axe Combo: Asterius quickly swings his axe twice in a large arc in front and around him, in Zagreus' direction. After the second swing, he may follow up with a Leap Combo.
  • Leap Combo: Asterius leaps into the air and charges at Zagreus' position, smashing the ground with his axe, dealing damage if he comes into contact with Zagreus. After landing, he can repeat this attack up to two more times, or instead follow it up with an Axe Combo.
  • Bull Rush: Asterius paws at the ground with his foot, then sprints at Zagreus, chasing him around the arena. He can turn at a reduced rate while charging, and if he comes into contact with a wall or pillar, is stopped and briefly stunned. If he comes into contact with Zagreus, he will stop and do high damage instead. If he comes into contact with a pillar, he will break the pillar, doing damage to himself. When below 50% max HP, when Asterius hits Zagreus, a wall, or a pillar, he creates damaging waves behind him which travel away from him.
  • Overhead Axe: Asterius with little warning swings his axe above his head and leaps at Zagreus' current position, creating damaging waves behind him which travel away from him when he lands. Like with Leap Combo, he can repeat this attack up to two more times in a row.
  • Crescent Combo: Asterius with little warning swings his axe twice in a large arc in front of him, creating damaging waves behind him which travel away from him as he does. Unlike with Axe Combo, this attack cannot be combined into any other attack, and leaves Asterius stunned for a short duration after it.

When reduced to 50% max HP, Asterius will briefly become invulnerable, and taunt the player, then enter his second phase. When reduced to 20% max HP, he will become briefly invulnerable, and call off the fight, congratulating Zagreus for his victory, and leaving his arena to recover before the Elysium Stadium encounter. Despite this it is possible to kill Asterius using DOT effects that outlast the invulnerabillity. Killing him will have no effect on the Elysium Stadium encounter.

Elysium Stadium

Asterius' attack patterns do not change in the Elysium Stadium encounter.

Unlike in his own arena, the pillars in the Elysium Stadium are unbreakable, and Asterius will not do damage to himself when running into them.

If defeated as a mid-boss in the current run, Asterius will begin the Elysium Stadium encounter with 20% reduced health (11200 Health instead of 14000).

While Asterius will still enter his second phase at 50% max HP as well as gain brief invulnerability, he must be killed in order to progress in the Elysium stadium encounter, instead of calling off the fight at 20% max HP.

If Theseus is killed before Asterius, Asterius will become enraged, moving and attacking at a faster rate. If Asterius is killed before Theseus, Theseus will lose access to his Charge attack with Asterius.

Extreme Measures

When using Extreme Measures Level 3 from the Pact of Punishment, Asterius will be outfitted in a set of bronze power armor in both his own arena and in the Elysium Stadium.

While in the bronze power armor, the fight with Asterius has notable changes:

  • Axe Combo can be chained together in succession, as well as with a Leap Combo.
  • Leap Combo and Overhead Axe create a damaging shockwave around Asterius when he lands.
  • Bull Rush moves Asterius at a much faster speed. Additionally, when Asterius begins a Bull Rush, he receives a rocket powered burst of speed in Zagreus' direction.
  • Asterius gains one new attack which is available immediately: Axe Spin. When used, Asterius will, after a brief delay, begin spinning his axe around him very rapidly, doing damage in all directions if Zagreus comes too close. Additionally, this attack can destroy some of the indestructible pillars in the Elysium Stadium encounter. (It cannot destroy the pillars with spectators in them.)


When defeated in his mid-boss chamber, Asterius will leave the chamber, and Zagreus will be awarded with a god boon of increased rarity, based on the chamber preview when entering.

When both Theseus and Asterius are defeated in the Elysium Stadium, Zagreus will be awarded with Ambrosia if Bounty conditions are met. This means that it must either be Zagreus' first victory against them with a weapon, or the Target Heat must be met for that weapon.

Otherwise, they will drop 120 Darkness. (The Darkness reward is improved by Dark Thirst, Ocean's Bounty, and Eclipse).

Bounties for Theseus and the Minotaur are tracked as a whole for the Stadium fight, and not individually. (This means defeating the Minotaur last at 0 Heat will provide a bounty, but a later defeat of Theseus last at 0 Heat with the same weapon will not provide a bounty, as the 0 Heat victory has already been completed with that weapon.)

Additional notes

For additional information on Minotaur that does not pertain to Hades, see Wikipedia's article: Minotaur

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