Ground Herbivore Feeder

Provides vegetation and suitable nutrients for low-grazing dinosaurs.In-game description

The Ground Herbivore Feeder is a type of herbivore feeder in Jurassic World Evolution.


Ground herbivore feeders dispense their feed using a large hatch with a time interval that can be adjusted by the player. This feeder provides an artificial bush of vegetation that will satisfy any ground-feeding herbivore. Once the dispenser has been emptied, it must be resupplied by a ranger team.

Herbivores will not receive a paleobotany rating increase if using this feeder.

Ext. Ground Herbivore Feeder

Extended Ground Herbivore Feeder is a feeder type that has more food reserve than the regular version so that it needs fewer resupplies from the ranger teams.

It was added to the game alongside Extended Carnivore and Tall Herbivore feeders with Update 1.5.

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