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The Kingsman Agency is secret intelligence agency based in London, England. Founded after a few wealthy Brits lost their heirs to World War I, it operates without the bureaucracy and inefficiency of a government intelligence organization. Each Kingsman agent takes his or her name after a knight of the Round Table, therefore the size of the Kingsman organization is limited to a select few. When a Kingsman agent dies, the remaining Kingsman agents nominate a candidate each to be a candidate in grueling process of selecting a new agent. The candidate remaining at the end of the training takes the spot of the deceased member, as well as the deceased member's code name.

However, you are a Kingsman once you join this wiki. Your ranks will be judged on how many and the type of badges you achieve. Check out this wiki because it presents some very interesting facts about the Kingsman films, comic books, the characters and, of course, the agency itself.

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We need YOU to help us further our goal to become a substantial and prominent database. If you need any help with anything, contact the only admins, DarRam and Muhdika , since they are no other admins. As of currently, the founder is no longer active on the directory.

The Kingsman Directory is in desperate need of help. They're aren't enough pages on the directory to popularize it. So please support it by creating new pages or modifying existing articles. We want to expand this directory. Thanks.

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