Arthur Harrow

She's out there, waiting, longing to be freed. While the cruel masses deserve to face her judgment. And in the wake of their screams, evil eradicated.Arthur Harrow to Steven Grant

Arthur Harrow was a former Avatar of Khonshu and a previous wielder of the Moon Knight title, who fell disillusioned with Khonshu and instead became devoted to Ammit. He formed a cult of disciples dedicated to bringing her back to life and bestowing her judgment on the world. Harrow's mission to locate her tomb and resurrect her was hindered by the present Moon Knight, Marc Spector, who he was forced to kill. Harrow succeeded in liberating Ammit from her imprisonment and became her Avatar, but he was stopped by a resurrected Moon Knight and Scarlet Scarab, who imprisoned Ammit inside his body. Harrow was administrated to a psychiatric hospital, where he was later assassinated by Spector's alter Jake Lockley, killing Ammit as well.


Early Life

Avatar for Khonshu

I was his former Avatar. Before you. I was the Fist of Vengeance.Arthur Harrow to Steven Grant

Arthur Harrow was chosen to be Khonshu's avatar and operated as "Moon Knight". However, due to Khonshu's constant need for him to perform tasks, thus never letting him be free, Harrow lost faith in him and was eventually persuaded by Ammit to betray Khonshu and swear allegiance to her.[1]

Cult Leader

Judgement in the Alps

I've been good my entire life."
"I believe you. But the scales see everything. Perhaps it's something that lies ahead. Well... I wish you could live to see the world we make. Yet, Ammit has decided.Alpine Woman and Arthur Harrow

Arthur Harrow & his followers.png
Harrow being worshipped by his followers

Harrow took up residence in a penthouse situated in a village in the Alps in Austria, amassed a following of disciples, crushed glass into his shoes before putting them on each morning, and using the power of Ammit that was given to him in a cane to judge people's morality and kill people whom his ability deemed unworthy.

Call me Arthur.png
Harrow asks for people to come forward

At one judgment ceremony, a man approached Harrow to be judged, and Harrow placed his cane in the man's hands. Harrow watched his tattoo turn green and announced to the public that the man was a good person.

Harrow with old woman.png
Harrow judging a Womans fate

An elderly woman then approached Harrow and asked to be judged, so Harrow repeated the process for her. Harrow's tattoo turned red, despite the woman's insistence that she had been good her entire life. Harrow said that while he believed her, his tattoo was never wrong. He suggested that the woman was destined to do something bad in the future and expressed sorrow that woman would not see Harrow's future before using his power to kill her.

Arthur Harrow meets Steven Grant.png
Harrow first encountering Steven Grant

While the woman's body was being carried away, two of Harrow's disciples told him that someone had stolen the Scarab of Ammit, and that the thief was likely at the ceremony. Harrow chanted in ancient Egyptian for the group to kneel, and everyone did so except Steven Grant, who hesitated before following suit. Harrow recognized Grant as a mercenary named Marc Spector and demanded that the scarab be returned to him.

Arthur Harrow and Steven Grant.png
Harrow demanding the return of the scarab

Grant attempted to give Harrow the scarab, but could not release the grip he had. Grant began walking away and insisting that he was not responsible for his actions, so Harrow had his disciples grab Grant and retrieve the scarab. However, Harrow watched as Grant changed into Spector and killed the men grabbing him, before Grant resumed control and ran away hopping into a cupcake van, with Harrow's disciples in pursuit.[2]

Heading into London

Harrow pursues Steven Grant in London

It's maddening, isn't it? The voice in your head. Relentless, forever unsatisfied. No matter how hard you try to please, it devours you until there's nothing left but a hollow shell.Arthur Harrow to Steven Grant

After learning that his followers had been defeated, Harrow went to London, England, to find Steven Grant and followed him onto a bus. When Grant got off the bus, Harrow watched and then sent his disciples to the National Art Gallery, Grant's place of work.

Arthur Harrow (Museum).png
Harrow greets Steven Grant at the Gallery

He then made his own way to the museum and approached Grant there himself. Grant attempted to ask a security guard, Ronnie, to escort Harrow out of the museum, but Ronnie revealed to Grant that he was secretly one of Harrow's disciples.

Arthur Harrow (National Art Gallery).png
Harrow explaining Ammit to Steven Grant

Harrow explained to Grant that the Egyptian goddess, Ammit, owned the scarab that his alter had stolen and talked about her ability to see the morality of people's past, present, and future actions. Harrow explained that Ammit could have prevented historical atrocities had her fellow gods and her own avatar not betrayed her.

Moon Knight Big Game TV Spot (3).png
Harrow explains Steven Grant's inner chaos

Harrow placed his cane in Grant's hand and judged him, realizing that there was chaos within him. Grant ran away, and Harrow instructed his disciples not to follow him.

Harrow watches Steven Grant run away

That night, Harrow had a jackal appear in the National Art Gallery, attracting Steven Grant's attention. Harrow demanded that Grant hand over the scarab in exchange for his life. Believing that Grant would be killed by the jackal, Harrow left the museum.[2]

Speaking with Steven Grant

Arthur Harrow & Bobbi Kennedy.png
Harrow looking down upon Steven Grant

Ammit will light the path to good by eradicating the choice of evil, which brings us to the scarab. That scarab functions as a kind of compass, leading us to Ammit's tomb.Arthur Harrow to Steven Grant

The next day, Harrow learned that Steven Grant was alive, and sent two of his disciples, Bobbi Kennedy and Billy Fitzgerald, to bring Grant to him. He met them at a village that he had populated with his disciples. When Grant was let out of the car, Harrow looked down at him and told Kennedy to remove his handcuffs.

Arthur Harrow & Steven Grant.png
Harrow walks and speaks with Steven Grant

Harrow then led Grant through the village, greeting people, such as Jamila, as they passed, and explaining to Grant what his disciples believed. As they walked, Harrow realized that Khonshu was nearby and told Grant to ignore him. Harrow then brought Grant to a dining area and told him that Victor had prepared a soup for them.

Arthur Harrow (MK).png
Harrow gets questioned by Steven Grant

As they ate, Harrow told Grant that he used to be Khonshu’s avatar and that he had become Ammit’s as she was real justice. Grant disagreed and questioned him on whether that was fair. When he pressed him on the case of child murder, Harrow became upset and threatened Grant with his cane.

Arthur Harrow (Cult Leader).png
Harrow asking Steven Grant for the scarab

Harrow then asked Grant repeatedly about the whereabouts of the scarab. Grant couldn’t answer, and the disciples present began to crowd closer to interrogate him. When Harrow asked one more time, Layla El-Faouly appeared and showed him that she had it. He told her she didn’t understand what the importance of holding such an object was. He then asked for it, but she instead went to Grant and told him to summon the suit, before running away.

Arthur summons a jackal.png
Harrow summons a jackal from his portal

Frustrated, Harrow pressed his cane into the ground and used Ammit’s powers to open up an entry way to another dimension. A jackal then crawled out from it and Harrow sent it after Grant and El-Faouly.[1]

Receiving the Scarab

Arthur Harrow kills a man without judging.png
Harrow receives the scarab and kills a man

Harrow made his way outside and found the scarab in an older man’s possession. He asked the man for the scarab and then used his cane to ruthlessly murder him. Afterwards, he looked down an alleyway and saw that he had been watched by Layla El-Faouly.[1]

Egypt Mission

Finding Ammit's Tomb

Arthur Harrow (Cairo).jpg
Harrow beginning his search out in Cairo

Harrow and his disciples then left England and travelled to Cairo, Egypt. They trekked their way into the desert towards the Pyramids with the scarab pointing them in the direction to go. As they were walking, Bobbi Kennedy alerted Harrow to the fact that Marc Spector was also in Cairo.

Harrow witnesses the eclipse.png
Harrow sees Khonshu sending his signal

As they continued to work, Harrow saw the eclipse in the sky and understood it as Khonshu’s signal to the Ennead, musing that Khonshu was growing desperate. He then told his disciples that he was going to be put on trial soon.[3]

Trial with the Gods

Arthur Harrow on trial.jpg
Harrow being put on trial with the Ennead

It brings me no pleasure to tell you that this is a deeply troubled man. Khonshu is taking advantage of him, the same way that he abused me, the way he aspires to abuse this court. Take action now.Arthur Harrow to Ennead Council

Shortly, Harrow was summoned by the Ennead Council into the Great Pyramid of Giza to be put on trial. Osiris told him that Khonshu had accused him of wanting to resurrect Ammit, and asked if that was true. Harrow denied the accusation and stated he had simply been touring the pyramids. He then told them that Khonshu's Avatar, Marc Spector, was a deeply unwell man who suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder. When Spector, as Khonshu, attempted to punch Harrow, Osiris had then stopped him and told him they would not allow violence there. They then concluded that Harrow was innocent and dismissed the trial. Harrow looked at Spector and then left quietly.[3]

Meeting Anton Mogart

Arthur Harrow.png
Harrow confronts Marc Spector again

Harrow had his disciples keep watch on Marc Spector and was notified by some that Spector and Layla El-Faouly went to find Senfu’s sarcophagus. Harrow then made his way to their location at Anton Mogart’s estate and attempted to turn Mogart against Spector and El-Faouly.

Arthur Harrow & Anton Mogart.jpg
Harrow shows the Staff to Anton Mogart

He then told El-Faouly that Spector was hiding something from her. He showed Mogart his cane and used Ammit’s powers to destroy the sarcophagus. He then made his exit as a fight broke out.[3]

Speaking to Khonshu

To be added[3]

Confronting Layla El-Faouly

To be added[5]

Finding the Tomb

To be added[5]

Killing Marc Spector

I'm sorry it had to be this way, Marc Spector, Steven Grant, whoever else might be in there. Sometimes we need the cold light of death before we can see reality.Arthur Harrow

After the Scarab of Ammit led him to Alexander the Great's tomb, Arthur and his followers entered the chamber. Harrow ordered his disciples to not shoot Spector, and witnessed Spector use Alexander the Great's axe to kill two of his disciples. He took out his revolver and shot Spector in the chest twice, who then fell backwards into the water. [5][4]

Ammit's Avatar

Trapping Ammit

The injured and unconscious form of Arthur Harrow was taken into the Pyramid of Giza, and placed upon an alter, per the dying instructions of Selim to trap Ammit in a mortal form. Groggy and disorientated, Harrow begun to stir as Spector and Layla begun the spell to bind Ammit to him. They succeeded, and Ammit was trapped within Harrow's body ending her threat and preventing Harrow using her power.

Khonshu appeared and implored Spector to finish their work and kill Harrow and Ammit within him. Standing over Harrow's form, Spector contemplated killing him, but declared he would not, instead telling Khonshu to do it himself. Harrow was subsequently detained.[4]

Capture and Demise

Some time after his defeat at the Great Pyramid of Giza, Arthur Harrow would up as a patient in the Sienkiewicz Psychiatric Hospital, seated in a wheelchair. Under the influence of a sedative, he attempted to reach for a drink, only to clumsily knock it over due to the sedatives effects. A nurse noticed his difficulty and approached, but was stopped by a man, who instead took Harrow's wheelchair away with a reassuring pat.

The man wheeled a dazed Harrow through the hospital, and Harrow grew increasingly concerned as they passed dead bodies in the hall. Harrow was wheeled outside, and roughly loaded into the back of a white limousine outside the hospital. Seated inside, Harrow noticed his old master and foe, Khonshu, sat opposite in a white suit. Harrow remarked that Khonshu could not hurt them, referring both to himself and the trapped Ammit within him.

Khonshu instead spoke to Harrow about Marc Spector, and how he was the only Avatar he would ever need. Tapping the glass, Khonshu had Harrow's kidnapper revealed to him, an alter of Spector he had not yet met, Jake Lockley. Lockley wasted no time in aiming his gun at Harrow, who panicked and tried to protest. Lockley shot Harrow four times, killing him and by extention killing Ammit, ensuring neither would be a threat again, and fulfilling Khonshu's justice. The limousine then drove away, taking Harrow's body with it.[6]


I can't save anyone who won't save themselves.Arthur Harrow

Arthur Harrow appears as a benevolent preacher, his kindly demeanor having earned him respect and devotion from his followers. Harrow speaks in a reassuring soothing tone, and wholeheartedly believes in his cause. Harrow is utterly devoted to Ammit, and with that devotion comes a willingness to carry out her will. Harrow is willing to kill anyone, even children should Ammit decree them as evil, though the killings bring him sorrow to do, feeling saddened at the wasted life of a sinner. In this, he is something of a hypocrite, as he secretly hoped freeing Ammit would redeem him of his own sins, an opportunity he denies to others. Harrow has spoken spiteful of society at large, seeing it as complacent in sin.

Harrow is extremely manipulative, appearing friendly to Steven Grant to lull him into handing over the Scarab of Ammit. Harrow was also manipulative towards Marc Spector in the hospital. Harrow sees this however as all necessary for the goals of Ammit.

Harrow despises Khonshu, and blames the god for the way he is. He admits he once enjoyed inflicting pain as Khonshu's avatar, as he believed they were doling out justice that was deserved. Harrow has come to see those days as the biggest sin he carries, showing that he hates that part of himself, and may even see himself as a sinner. He sees the way of Ammit as far more effective in bringing about justice against evil. Harrow still offers Spector the choice of standing down even when he was close to Ammit, showing his belief in being able to change how people see the world.

Despite his grudge against Khonshu, Harrow seemed at least a little saddened as watched Khonshu manipulate sky, knowing it would result in the god being sealed away.

Powers and Abilities

Former Powers

I judge you in Ammit's name with but a fraction of her power.Arthur Harrow

  • Divine Empowerment: As the Avatar of Ammit, Arthur Harrow was granted a number of superhuman abilities while in her service.
    • Superhuman Strength: Harrow possessed superhuman strength that far exceeded an ordinary human.
    • Superhuman Durability: To be added
    • Superhuman Speed: To be added
    • Superhuman Agility: To be added
    • Superhuman Stamina: To be added
    • Superhuman Reflexes: To be added
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: To be added
    • Life-Force Extraction: Harrow has the ability to extract the life-force from people, and uses it on people deemed bad by the Staff of Ammit. He used it on an old woman in a town full of his followers, and later on a homeless man who had picked up the Scarab.
    • Power Augmentation: To be added
    • Staff of Ammit Capabilities: To be added
      • Judgement Inducement: The Staff of Ammit serves as an extension of Ammit's will, inflicting judgement on those it is placed on. The Staff can determine whether a person will be evil by peering into their past and future. Should they be deemed guilty, the Staff will take their life force. Harrow sees this judgement as absolute.
      • Conjuration:
        Arthur Harrow summons a jackal.png
        Harrow summoning a jackel
        Harrow can use the Staff of Ammit to open a portal of purple energy to another dimension and summons Jackals to Earth.
      • Energy Manipulation: Harrow was able to use the power of the Staff to destroy a sarcophagus in the collection of Anton Mogart.
        • Energy Projection: To be added
      • Life-Force Extraction:
        Arthur Harrow vs. Egyptian Patrol Agency.jpg
        Harrow extracting life-force
        To be added
      • Power Bestowal: To be added

Can you hear him?"
"Not anymore.Steven Grant and Arthur Harrow

  • Divine Empowerment: As the former Avatar of Khonshu, Harrow was able to achieve many superhuman feats during his time as Moon Knight.


  • Master Combatant:
    Moon Knight and Arthur Harrow.png
    Harrow fighting against Moon Knight
    Harrow was a master combatant, being able to hold his own against both Moon Knight and Scarlet Scarab.
  • Staff Mastery: Harrow was extremely skilled in wielding the Staff of Ammit, using it in battle against Moon Knight and Layla.
  • Master Tactician: As a cult leader, Harrow can command multiple of his Disciples into following and worshiping him.
  • Marksman: Harrow precisely shot Marc Spector twice in the torso with a revolver.
  • Multilingualism: Harrow is fluent in his native English and can speak Ancient Egyptian, Coptic, and Arabic, as well as possessing a very rudimentary knowledge of Mandarin.



It contains in it a tiny sliver of her power.Arthur Harrow to Steven Grant

  • Staff of Ammit: Harrow uses the Staff of Ammit to judge people's morality. He places the staff in the hands of a person and holds their hand as the judgement occurs. The staff then weighs their morality and communicates to a tattoo on Harrow's arm, which changes color depending on the person's morality. If the tattoo turns green, they are deemed good, but are deemed bad if the tattoo turns red. However, it will not change color if the person's morality cannot be determined, such as Steven Grant.
  • Webley .455 Mk VI: Harrow used a revolver to shoot Marc Spector twice in the chest.

Other Equipment







  • In the comics, Arthur Harrow was a Nobel prize nominated scientist working for O.M.N.I.U.M. who was suffering from trigeminal neuralgia and whose engagement in illegal human experimentation led to conflict with Moon Knight.
    • The Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Harrow is similar to the Sun King, a psychotic cultist and avatar of the sun god Amon Ra, who founded a community for the renegades of the society.
    • Harrow also borrows from the character of Dr. Emmet, a female psychiatrist who ran a hospital for the mentally ill where Marc Spector was housed alongside his friends, subjecting him to torture methods such as constant sedation and shock therapy. She was also an avatar for the goddess Ammit.
  • Harrow puts broken glass in his shoes is a sign of his commitment to his righteous cause and his fundamental belief in the spirit beyond the body. This shows a reason for the Staff of Ammit besides for judgment as he seemingly requires it to walk due to instability. Harrow is still capable of walking short distances without the Staff though, as shown when he was summoned before the Ennead.
  • Harrow claims to be a vegetarian.

Behind the Scenes


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