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I've realized no matter what I do, I can't bring my father back. Finding whoever killed him, that won't change anything.Maya Lopez to Wilson Fisk

Maya Lopez is a deaf athlete and martial artist, capable of perfectly copying another person's movements. Losing her father due to Ronin's hunt for criminals, Lopez became the Tracksuit Mafia's commander, vowing revenge on Ronin. Lopez worked for Wilson Fisk alongside Kazi Kazimierczak. However, Lopez learned that Ronin had seemingly returned, she fell into conflict with Kate Bishop and Clint Barton, who were searching for the Ronin's Suit, with Lopez believed that they could be her chance to find Ronin, however, Barton revealed to be Ronin himself. Lopez eventually found out that Fisk was the one who orchestrated the death of her father, so Lopez decided to leave the Tracksuit Mafia and take her revenge on Fisk.


Early Life

Attending Regular School

Pay attent...Teacher to Maya Lopez

Maya Lopez (2007).png
Lopez attending class as a child

Maya was born the daughter of William Lopez, who was the commander of the Tracksuit Mafia. In 2007, despite being Deaf, Maya attended a regular school. Although she was struggling, she was able to interpret a majority of the words that her teacher was saying by reading her lips. Noticing that Lopez was writing in her book and not looking up to her, Lopez's teacher approached Lopez and reminded her to pay attention, before realizing that Lopez had already completed the page in her book that she was explaining.[2]

Encouraged by her Father

William Lopez & Maya Lopez (2007).png
Lopez speaks with her father

You have to learn to jump between two worlds."
"Just by watching.William Lopez and Maya Lopez

Before bed, Maya Lopez sat in bed with her father. As the two conversed, Maya asked her father why she was not going to a specialized school for Deaf people. William apologized that he would not be able to afford the special schooling. He encouraged his daughter that, in the end, she would be better off for this, as she will have to learn how to integrate herself in a society that does not accommodate for her disability.[2]

Trained to Fight

Maya Lopez (Karate Academy).png
Lopez during her karate match

Hey, be good in class today. But remember, for your match, it's more about speed than size.William Lopez to Maya Lopez

Maya Lopez attended the Brooklyn Karate Academy from a young age. During practice matches, she watched Kazi Kazimierczak fall to a child much larger than him. Her father reminded her during a water break before her match against the large child that her speed can be more beneficial than her opponent's size. During her match, she swiftly blocked her opponent's attack and pushed him to the ground, earning her victory. Following the class, Lopez's father informed him that he would not be able to take her home, and that Wilson Fisk would be looking after her instead, which Lopez accepted.[2]

Losing her Father

Maya Lopez - HawkeyeStill.jpg
Lopez winning her sparring match

Please, just go."
"I won't leave you."
"I'm already gone. Fly away from here... little dragon.William Lopez and Maya Lopez

As a young adult, Lopez remained dedicated to her training in martial arts and joined the Tracksuit Mafia. In 2018, Lopez survived the Snap. One day, she had a MMA sparring match and defeated her opponent.

Maya cries.png
Lopez holding onto her father as he dies

That night, she returned to Fat Man Auto Repair and witnessed Ronin's massacre of the Mafia. She arrived just in time to witness Ronin driving his sword through her father. She rushed to his aid, but it was too late for her to help. Her father begged her to leave and escape to safety, which she hesitated to do, embracing her dying father in her arms before running away. Later, Maya took up leadership over the Tracksuit Mafia and moved to a new location.[2]

Hunting Ronin

Capturing Clint Barton and Kate Bishop

Lopez is updated on the current situation

We have them both. We have them...Ivan Banionis to Maya Lopez

In December 2024, once Clint Barton allowed himself to be brought in by the Mafia and Kate Bishop discovered their base, Lopez was informed by Ivan Banionis that they had both Barton and Bishop in custody.[3]

Echo, Kate Bishop, Hawkeye & Kazi.png
Lopez meets Clint Barton and Kate Bishop

The next day, she approached them, accompanied by Kazi Kazimierczak. She called out Barton's reliance on technology with needing a hearing aid, suggesting that he might be better off without it. Kazimierczak served as a translator for them as Barton didn't understand sign language.

Maya Lopez ASL.png
Lopez interrogates Clint Barton

Once Barton explained that Bishop was not Ronin, Lopez was unconvinced, stating that Ronin may still be out there. Barton told her that Ronin was killed by Black Widow, although she remained in disbelief. As Bishop attempted to explain her innocence, Lopez, remembering her father's death, approached and attacked her, choking her. Kazimierczak pulled Lopez off Bishop and tried to calm her down.

Echo pinned by arrows.png
Lopez is pinned against the wall by arrows

During this interaction, Barton freed himself from their capture. After Barton successfully evaded most of the Mafia, he was met by Lopez, who knocked him to the ground and destroyed his hearing aid. Barton reclaimed his bow and quiver, allowing him to restrain Lopez by shooting two arrows next to her head. Barton and Bishop fought off Kazimierczak and the rest of the Mafia, and were able to escape from the building.[2]

Car Chase

Tomas and Echo.png
Lopez and Tomas witness the explosion

Tomas, go with Maya!Kazi Kazimierczak to Tomas

As Clint Barton hotwired a car from the store parking lot, Lopez and the Tracksuit Mafia divided themselves amongst several vehicles in order to pursue him and Kate Bishop. Lopez took the Dodge Challenger, accompanied by Tomas, and began tailing the archers.

Echo driving.png
Lopez furiously pursues their targets

Bishop used one of Barton's explosive arrows to blow up the truck in front of Lopez, and Lopez and Tomas drove past the decimated truck, shocked by the damage. Lopez drove up to Barton and Bishop's car, ramming their bumper, while Bishop shot a suction arrow at the Challenger's windshield, doing nothing. Lopez continued the pursuit as Tomas tried to shoot at their targets, but they lost them while they took a sudden turn into Rosie's Christmas Trees.

Echo Bridge.png
Lopez is surprised by her targets

Lopez and Tomas caught up to Barton and Bishop on the Manhattan Bridge. Lopez pulled up to their side, allowing Tomas to pull his gun on Barton, although Barton managed to fight him off. Bishop took the opportunity to grab her bow that Lopez had left in the backseat of the Challenger, and used it to shoot a smokescreen arrow into their car. Blinded by the smokescreen, Lopez lost control of the vehicle and crashed it into the side of the bridge, totaling the vehicle.

Echo, Kazi, Ivan & Tomas.png
Lopez trying to shoot at Barton and Bishop

Lopez's allies caught up to them on the bridge, but their vehicles were wrecked by the archers' arrows as well. The group continued on foot, shooting at Barton as he ran to retrieve the suction arrow from the Challenger's windshield. Bishop threatened to shoot a dangerous trick arrow at the Mafia, causing Lopez to halt her crew's fire. The trick arrow turned out to be just a USB arrow, not doing any significant damage when Bishop shot it at Ivan Banionis. However, Barton and Bishop had used the opportunity to jump off the bridge onto the train underneath using a grappling arrow. Lopez and the others realized they had lost their targets, and returned back to their base.[2]

Warned by Kazi Kazimierczak

Maya Lopez.png
Lopez interrupts Kazi Kazimierczak

Remind me. Who's in charge?"
"You are."
"Right. Look into Clint Barton.Maya Lopez and Kazi Kazimierczak

Lopez and the Tracksuit Mafia began clearing out their hideout, deciding they had to abandon it as its location was now known to Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. As Lopez was about to take her bag outside, Kazi Kazimierczak stopped her, requesting a conversation. He told Lopez that he believed things were getting out of hand, referring to the explosion of the truck, warning her that it was becoming increasingly dangerous to continue to chase Ronin. He also warned her that Wilson Fisk would not be happy if he were to find out about their activities. Lopez reminded Kazimierczak that she was the one in charge there, and ordered him to look further into Barton.[2] Lopez and Kazimierczak began investigating Barton, managing to learn details about his personal life, including the names of his wife, daughter, and two sons, which she wrote down on a notepad.[4]

Intruder in Her Apartment

Maya fights intruder.png
Lopez confronts Kate Bishop

That light's an alarm. It's a silent alarm for people that can't hear."
"Oh, my God."
"It's Maya's apartment.Clint Barton and Kate Bishop.

Lopez was alerted by a silent alarm that there was an intruder in her apartment, Kate Bishop, who had broke into her apartment in search of the Rolex from the Avengers Compound. Lopez fought her intruder until she escaped to a the top of a nearby building using a zipline set up by Clint Barton.

Black Widow's Bite - Echo (Hawkeye Ep 4).jpg
Lopez is electrocuted by Yelena Belova

Lopez followed Bishop to the rooftop, where Barton was engaged in a separate fight with Yelena Belova. Dropping off the zipline, she kicked Belova's gun out of her hand, and proceeded in a three-way fight against the Black Widow assassin and the archers. Belova knocked Lopez down with two taser disks, temporarily electrocuting her until she managed to rip them off.

Maya Lopez shot by Kate Bishop.png
Lopez is shot by Kate Bishop

After Bishop was knocked off the roof by Belova, Lopez tried to fight Barton at the same time as Belova. Bishop, who had climbed back up to the top of the building, knocked both of Barton's assailants away with a shockwave arrow. Lopez then sent Bishop flying with a kick, but Bishop stood up and shot an arrow straight into Lopez's shoulder. Wincing in pain, Lopez ripped the arrow out of her body and fled from the battle.[4]

Kazi & Maya.jpg
Lopez is advised by Kazi Kazimierczak

Lopez returned home, where she had her wounds tended to by Kazimierczak, to whom she disclosed the presence of the assassin and shows her worries of having stumbled upon something bigger than herself. However, she was not discouraged, and insisted on her crusade against the Ronin, given that they were so close to getting him. Kazimierczak promised her he would aid in his capture, but under the condition that once they kill him, she had to move on.[5]

Showdown with Ronin

Maya Lopez gun.png
Lopez arming herself at Fat Man Used Cars

I wanted you to see my face."
"So I can watch you kill me?"
"No. But if you or anyone comes after me or my family, it will be the last thing you do. You have my word.Clint Barton and Maya Lopez

The Tracksuit Mafia later received a message from Ronin telling Lopez to show up alone to the site of her father's murder to meet him. She disobeyed the directions, keeping several of her allies nearby with weapons, including Kazi Kazimierczak with a sniper rifle.

Maya Lopez vs Ronin.png
Lopez furiously fighting against the Ronin

Her extra protection proved futile as Ronin managed the take out all of the Tracksuits with easy before approaching Lopez. She faced her father's killer in a fierce duel, disarming him and using his sword against him briefly. However, she is overpowered by the assassin, who knocked her down and pulled down his mask to reveal his true identity, Clint Barton.

Maya Lopez defeated by Ronin.png
Lopez being held at swordpoint by Ronin

Barton threatened that he would kill Lopez if she did not stay away from him and his family. To her anger, Barton claimed that the two of them were the same, weapons that could be manipulated. Lopez learned from Barton that he was tipped off by an informant sent by Kingpin, who wanted her father out of the picture. In a fit of rage, Lopez caught Barton off guard, knocking him down and was about to execute him with his own sword until Kate Bishop arrived and disarmed Lopez with an arrow. Barton used this opportunity to escape, so Lopez got on her motorcycle and rode off.[5]

Suspecting Kazi Kazimierczak

Maya hugs Kazi.png
Lopez is hugged by Kazi Kazimierczak

You were in town. You were his number two. Why didn't you go to the meeting the night my father was murdered?Maya Lopez to Kazi Kazimierczak

Following the fight against Clint Barton, Lopez had then met with Kazi Kazimierczak, who hugged her, relieved she survived the encounter. Lopez informed Kazimierczak that Ronin escaped.

Maya Lopez suspicious of Kazi.png
Lopez is suspicious of Kazi Kazimierczak

Considering Barton's comment about an informant, Lopez inquired Kazimierczak about his absence during Ronin's massacre of the Tracksuit Mafia despite being in town at the time, to which Kazimierczak simply claimed he did not receive a call about it. Unsatisfied with the vague response, Lopez left on her motorcycle.[5]

Defecting from the Tracksuit Mafia

Meeting With Kingpin

Maya Lopez & Wilson Fisk.png
Lopez having her meeting with Wilson Fisk

Do you want to tell me what's been going on? I always taught you to keep a low profile."
"I'm sorry. I got carried away. You know what my father meant to me.Wilson Fisk and Maya Lopez

Following her duel with Ronin, Lopez went to meet with Wilson Fisk who was accompanied by Kazi Kazimierczak. Fisk asked Lopez what had been going on, and Lopez apologized for getting carried away trying to avenge the death of her father. Lopez explained that she had realized that she needed to move on and focus on her job, as killing her father's killer would not bring him back.

Maya Lopez & Kingpin.png
Lopez trying to walk away from Wilson Fisk

Fisk assured Lopez that her father would want what was best for her. Lopez requested from Fisk a few days off to clear her head, which he agreed to. As Lopez began to walk away, Fisk grabbed her shoulder to tell her that he loved her, which she says back before leaving.

At home, Lopez began packing some of her things. She picked up a picture of her, her father, and Kazimierczak together smiling and looked at it, reminded of the betrayal she felt from her friend.[6]

Duel Against Kazi Kazimierczak

Maya Lopez (Hawkeye).jpg
Lopez at the Rockefeller Center

I don't want to kill you. I want to leave this all behind. Together."
"Don't you understand? This is my life, Maya. My life! It was never supposed to be yours!Maya Lopez and Kazi Kazimierczak

Lopez drove her motorcycle to the Rockefeller Center, where a battle was going on between the Tracksuit Mafia and Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. As Kazi Kazimierczak was trying to shoot Barton, Lopez arrived and attacked her former friend.

Echo and Kazi.png
Lopez fighting Kazi Kazimierczak

Kazimierczak told Lopez that she should have left, and the two began to fight. Lopez was able to overpower Kazimierczak, but pleaded with him to reconsider and leave the Tracksuit Mafia behind with her. Kazimierczak declined, saying that it was too late and that Kingpin would never let him leave.

Kazi Kazimierczak & Maya Lopez.png
Lopez has a moment with Kazi Kazimierczak

As Lopez continued to beg, Kazimierczak pulled one of Barton and Bishop's arrows out of the corpse of one of the Tracksuits and began to attack Lopez with it. Lopez managed to turn the arrow on Kazimierczak, impaling his stomach with it. Lopez held Kazimierczak briefly as she lowered his body to the ground. As she watched her friend struggle to breath, Kazimierczak told Lopez to leave before Fisk came for her.[6]

Confronting Wilson Fisk

Echo holds Kingpin at gunpoint.png
Lopez confronts Wilson Fisk

Maya. You and I... We're family. Family. Sometimes family doesn't see eye to eye...Wilson Fisk to Maya Lopez

Lopez drove one of the Trust a Bro Moving Company vans away, as she came across Wilson Fisk in an alley, who was beat up from his fight with Kate Bishop. Lopez pulled her gun on Fisk as he tried to appeal to her, but Lopez ignored his pleas and shot him.[6]


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Powers and Abilities


  • Photographic Reflexes: As a child, Lopez discovered she could mimic another person's movements. She perfectly copied another karate student's technique and used it against another student.


  • Master Martial Artist:
    Ronin v. Maya.png
    Lopez fighting against Ronin
    Lopez is an extremely skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, having attended the Brooklyn Karate Academy in her youth, later training in MMA, and she also demonstrated training in Capoeira against the formidable Hawkeye. She was later able to fight against him, Kate Bishop, and Yelena Belova simultaneously, and defeated Kazi.
  • Staff Mastery: Lopez is highly skilled at using a staff in combat, being able to use Kate Bishop's bow as a melee weapon against Hawkeye.
  • Sword Mastery: Lopez is highly skilled at using a sword in combat, being able to use Ronin's sword to fight against Ronin after disarming him, even managed to hurt him during the fight.
  • Expert Marksman: Lopez is also proficient with using a handgun in combat. She can even throw an empty gun magazine at her opponent as a distraction tactic. Lopez can also accurately throw knives, as she almost hit Bishop in the head with one.
  • Master Acrobat:
    Lopez kicking at Hawkeye
    Lopez can flip and perform many acrobatic fighting techniques, as demonstrated when she fought Clint Barton.
  • Expert Tactician: Lopez is in charge of high level operations in the Tracksuit Mafia because of her leadership skills, strategic prowess, and connection to Kingpin. Lopez was able to plan an ambush on Ronin at Fat Man Auto Repair.
  • Multilingualism: Lopez understands English and is able to read lips, as well as being fluent in American Sign Language.



That girl still has my bow!Kate Bishop to Clint Barton

Other Equipment

  • Prosthetic Leg: Lopez wears a metallic prosthesis to replace her missing limb. She adequates her fighting style to it, using the prosthesis to shield herself and to deliver more powerful blows.
  • Rolex: Lopez possessed a Rolex that had been recovered from the Avengers Compound and then stolen from a black market auction by the Tracksuit Mafia. It was stolen by Kate Bishop when she broke into her apartment.








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  • In the comics, Echo's father was killed by Kingpin, who raised her as his own daughter and told her that Daredevil was responsible for her father's death while she was dating Matt Murdock. She was the first person to take on the Ronin mantle while hunting organized crime members in Japan, later working with the New Avengers.

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