Sadie Deever

Is there a problem, Officer?"
"Agent, actually. Department of Damage Control.Sheikh Abdullah and Sadie Deever

Agent Sadie Deever is an agent of the United States Department of Damage Control. In 2025, she learned of the existence of Ms. Marvel and sought to apprehend her.


Discovering Ms. Marvel

Check this out. Teenage girl at AvengerCon."
"AvengerCon? A cosplayer with too much time on their hands."
"Not this one. I've never seen powers like that.Sadie Deever and P. Cleary

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Interrogating Zoe Zimmer

Did she have an accent of any kind? No. Was she Latina? I'm sorry. I'm supposed to say Latinx now, right? No? Middle Eastern perhaps? South Asian?Sadie Deever to Zoe Zimmer

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Ambushing Ms. Marvel

Freeze! Hold it right where you are!Sadie Deever to Ms. Marvel

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Visiting the Mosque

This is a very serious matter. It is in your best interest to cooperate."
"Serious because your person of interest is enhanced, or because she was spotted at a mosque, ma'am?Sadie Deever and Nakia Bahadir

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Pursuant to U.S. criminal code, law enforcement officers are not permitted to enter a private space without a signed warrant."
"Yeah? You studied the criminal code in homeroom?Nakia Bahadir and Sadie Deever

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