NOS4A2 (Novel)

NOS4A2 (pronounced Nosferatu)[1] is a 720 page horror novel. It is the third novel by the New York Times bestselling author Joe Hill, which was first published April 30, 2013 by William Morrow and Company.

NOS4A2 follows Charles Manx, a convicted child abductor and Vic McQueen, a woman who discovers that she has a supernatural gift that allows her to finds lost items.


  • Charles Manx
  • Vic McQueen
  • Linda McQueen
  • Chris McQueen
  • Lou Carmody
  • Bruce Wayne Carmody
  • Bing
  • Maggie
  • Tabitha Hutter


  • NOS4A2 was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel in 2013.[2]
  • NOS4A2 won 2nd place for a Locus Award in 2014.[2]
  • NOS4A2 won a Lord Ruthven Award in 2014[2]
  • NOS4A2 is called NOS4R2 in the United Kingdom.[3]


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