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Stop this cruel treatment of aliens! It is wrong. All of us should be able to live together upon this ball of rock! Free to be who we be! Venom's speech at a rave party

Venom, also known as SYM-A01 and Lethal Protector, is a Symbiote from Klyntar and father of Carnage. Combined in a symbiotic relationship with investigative journalist Eddie Brock, the pair are dedicated to protecting the innocent in San Francisco as his alter ego Venom after the pair managed to defeat villainous symbiote Riot and its host, Life Foundation CEO Carlton Drake, in a battle to save the Earth from a widespread attempted Symbiote Invasion.

Over the next year, Venom was fully accustomed to Earth's norms, but became distant from his host due to wanting freedom to eat more criminals, eventually separating from his host. Soon after, he and Eddie re-bonded and faced the threat of Cletus Kasady, a convicted serial killer who bonded with a new symbiote called Carnage, spawned from Venom itself, and his girlfriend turn wife Shriek, who possessed a supersonic scream. After a brutal fight, Venom devoured Carnage and Cletus before being forced to flee with Eddie after the authorities discovered Eddie's connection to Venom. While on the run, Venom and Eddie were temporarily transported to another universe due to a botched spell by a sorcerer from another universe where they learned about several superheroes of that universe before being sent back to their own, but not before a piece of Venom was left behind.


Early Life

On my planet, I am kind of a loser, like you. But here, we could be more.Venom to Eddie Brock

Venom originated on Klyntar was considered to be sort of a loser by his species. Sometime later, he joined Riot and several other Symbiotes on a quest to invade planets by finding ideal hosts and devouring their populations.

LF1 Crash

Venom and three other symbiotes were found on Klyntar by Life Foundation astronauts. Later, something went wrong and the LF1 crashed in Malaysia. Three of the four Symbiotes (including Venom) were recovered from the wreckage, while Riot managed to escape.

Testing on Homeless

Former Life Foundation CEO Carlton Drake used various homeless people to test the Symbiote on real hosts to see how long they will survive inside the organs. Then, on one particular patient he gave out a speech about how the world must "change" before he opens the symbiote and kills the patient.

Finding Eddie Brock

Freed from Containment

Venom bonds with Eddie.jpg
Venom bonds with Eddie for the first time

When Eddie Brock infiltrated into the Life Foundation and started taking photos of evidence inside the facility, Eddie encountered his friend Maria and tried to break her out until an alarm went off. Breaking out of her capsule, Venom as Maria attacked Eddie and bonded with him, Venom helped Eddie as he was running away from the Life Foundation Security by hiding on a tree.

Eddie escaping from the Life Foundation.jpg
Eddie escaping with Venom in him

Brock then goes home and hears Venom's voice in his head but just brushes it off as if he has a paranoia. The next day, Eddie visited Anne who was on a date with Dan inside a restaurant, he wanted to talk about Drake but was heavily distracted by Venom's hunger and wanted to eat a lobster alive. Eddie went to hospital and gets examined in a MRI by Dan but was interrupted by the sound waves that were hurting Venom and decided to leave with Dan asking him to comeback if he's ready. Back into his home, Eddie accidentally let Venom come through, scaring his neighbor Ziggy, who agreed to turn his music down.

Chased by the Life Foundation

Eddie rescued by Venom.jpg
Venom pulls Eddie back onto his motorcycle

What the hell are you?"
"I am Venom. And you are mine.Eddie Brock and Venom

Calling Anne, Eddie attempted to apologize to her and explained that he was feeling unwell and hearing a voice, but Venom interrupted their conversation. Eddie eventually grew crazed, wishing for the symbiote to leave his body. However, when some of Carlton Drake's men came to his door, looking to acquire the symbiote, it helped him fend them off. Eddie made a run for it, coming to realize what was inside of him. Eddie hopped on a motorcycle, slowly getting away from the thugs with Venom's help, only to be hit by a black car. When the Driver, hopped out, the Symbiote took over Eddie's body, enveloping him and lifted Roland Treece up off the ground.

Venom showing his tongue.jpeg
Eddie and the symbiote fully become Venom

After expressing his desire to consume Roland, Venom was shot by another thug, resulting in him turning around and biting the man's head off, before being shot by the police. Venom swam away, before disappearing back into Eddie. Eddie noticed he recovered from his injuries, as soon as he acknowledged Venom, the symbiote then appeared from him. Eddie seemed disgusted by Venom eating someone, to which Venom replied it was "fuel in the tank" and that the Symbiotes had found a species to bond with.

Battle with the S.W.A.T

Venom vs SWAT team.jpg
Venom attacked by a S.W.A.T team

After not getting admitted into Brock's old workplace, the two break into the building so that Eddie could turn in evidence of Drake's crimes, with Venom commenting that he was growing fond of Eddie. Due to Brock's fear of heights, he decides to leave the building using the elevator, but after reaching the first floor he found a whole S.W.A.T team pointing their guns at him, after warning the team, Venom started to attack them and even tried to eat one of the police men until Eddie stopped him, the attack is witnessed by Anne, whom Eddie later explains his current situation.

Venom attacks the S.W.A.T team.jpg
Venom retaliates against the S.W.A.T team

Anne takes Eddie to the hospital in order to look into the Symbiote. Confronted by Anne in her car, Eddie tried to explain what had happened to him, with Venom prompting Eddie to apologize to her for his selfish actions. Once in the hospital, Anne and Dan told Eddie that Venom was slowly killing him, which resulted in Venom attacking Dan but Anne used the ultrasound of the hospital to force Venom off from Eddie. Eddie and Venom both felt excruciating pain while hearing the hyperactive sound, resulting in the two being separated.

Bonding with Anne

She-Venom kills Roland Treece.jpg
She-Venom kills Roland Treece

Feeling betrayed, Eddie angrily abandons Venom and tries to leave the hospital. Venom then escapes through the ventilation and bonds itself with a dog, walking though the hospital he sees how Eddie gets captured by Roland Treece and his men. Venom as the dog reaches for Anne and informed her of the situation.

Venom bonded with Anne.jpg
Venom bonded with Anne Weying

Deciding to go rescue Eddie, Venom bonds itself with Anne and the two follow Roland's men. They arrive at the woods where Eddie was going to be executed by Roland and his men, they stealthily grabbed and took down the two thugs behind Treece with their tentacles. She-Venom then attacks Roland from behind and bites his head off. Venom then makes Anne grab and kiss Eddie while bonding Venom back to Eddie's body. The symbiote informs Eddie about Riot and transforms him back into Venom, the two go to fight alone leaving Anne behind as it was too dangerous for.

Battle at the Life Foundation

"Have a nice life!Riot and Venom

Venom vs Riot.jpg
Venom battles against Riot

Venom goes and stops Riot from getting inside the space shuttle, Riot told Venom to get into the rocket, to which Venom said that they wouldn't let the world be destroyed by him. The two fought, with Riot ripping Venom off of Brock, when Venom and Riot fused with each other, Anne uses the loudspeakers of the space shuttle station to separate them.

Venom 2018 Battle cry.jpg
Venom after resurrecting Eddie

When Riot re-bonded with Carlton and impaled Eddie through the chest, leaving him for dead, Riot boarded the rocket, but Venom returned and resurrected Eddie, saving him and healing the impalement wound. Venom then takes out Riot's arm-blade and then leaps onto the rocket, as Riot sees this and angrily calls Venom a "traitor". Venom mockingly tells Riot to "have a nice life", as Venom fell and used Riot's arm-blade to puncture the rocket's fuel-tanks and fuel line, cutting it open, and causing the rocket's liquid fuel to spill out, which contacts the burning (and superheated) engines and its exhaust plume, and causing the fuel to ignite, the engines to be prematurely cutoff, and the rocket's fuel tanks to explode and its hull to rupture from the ignited fuel, turning it into a massive fireball, leaving both Riot and his host to burn to their deaths, and saving Eddie before being burned by the fire.

Becoming Vigilantes

Goodbye to Anne Weying

After the crimes of the Life Foundation were exposed. Eddie was rehired and offered to make a special edition on Carlton. Eddie told Anne that he won't be back on screen and decided to write articles. Anne told Eddie that the kiss before was Venom's idea and that Dan must not know about it. Eddie was surprised by the Anne's comment about their kiss but was mistaken for being bonded by Venom, to which Eddie agreed about the power and how it wasn't completely awful.

Venom Stan Lee.jpg
Eddie talking with the Dapper Dog Walker

Venom distracted Eddie about the fact that she doesn't know that he survived the fire and Anne noticed that Eddie wasn't listening. Eddie then walked away and expresses his farewell. When Eddie stumbled upon a dog owner, Venom commented on eating his dog. Settling down some ground rules, Eddie lectured Venom about how people are good and bad and that he should only touch, harm, hurt, and possibly eat very bad individuals, to which Venom questions to know how one tells the difference, with Eddie responding with just seeing and sensing it.

Robbery of Mrs. Chen's Store

You come in here again? In fact, you go anywhere in the city, praying on innocent people and we will find you, and eat both of your arms, and then both of your legs, and then we will eat your face right off your head. Do you understand?"
" Yes. So you will be this armless, legless, faceless thing, won't you, going down the street like a turd in the wind! Do you feel me?"
"What the hell are you?"
"We... are Venom.Venom and Shakedown Thug

Venom confronts robber in grocery store.jpg
Venom stopping a thug at a convenient store

Feeling Venom's hunger, Eddie went to Mrs. Chen's convenience store, greeting her and telling her how he was doing. While deciding what to eat before Venom would eat his liver, they decided on buying tater tots and maybe some chocolate, much to Venom's delight. However, a robber showed up to collect his money but was disappointed again from Mrs. Chen's uncooperative behavior and proceeded to aim a gun at her. Eddie noticed the robber and Venom asked if he was a bad guy, to which Eddie confirmed.

Venom grinning.jpg
Venom verbally threatening to murder a thug

As Mrs. Chen was getting the money, Eddie and Venom decided to subdue the robber and ate him alive. After consuming the robber for his crime, Chen horrifyingly told Eddie of what had happened to him. Eddie responded that he has a parasite and said bye to Mrs. Chen. Venom angrily expressed his hatred of being called a parasite and told Eddie to apologize. Eddie apologized to Venom and asked what they should do next to which Venom replied that they could do whatever they want.

Meeting Cletus Kasady

I need you to stay quiet. This is a "me" thing, It is not a "we" thing. You got that?"
"Fine, but make it quick.Eddie and Venom

When his host Eddie was scheduled to have an interview with an incarcerated serial killer named Cletus Kasady, who asked to be interviewed by him. They both went on Eddie's motorcycle to San Quentin State Prison and Eddie told the Symbiote to be quiet as this was his thing, something to which he agreed to as long as he made it quick. Thus he didn't talk during Eddie's interaction with the serial killer, though he was there when Cletus he mentioned that he planned to break out of prison and unleash carnage upon the world.

The Case of Cletus Kasady

Helping Eddie's Career

We should be out there, protecting the city, lethally!!Venom to Eddie Brock

Eddie argues with Venom on bathroom.jpg
Eddie argues with Venom

One year after their battle with Riot, Venom began feeling resentful towards Eddie for not letting it prey on the city's criminals as he promised, forcing it to subsist on eating chickens or chocolate. During a meeting between Eddie and Detective Patrick Mulligan of the SFPD, where they tried to get Eddie to interview Kasady once again, Venom attempted to eat the police officer for insulting Eddie but its host stopped it, prompting a heated argument between them.

As Eddie reluctantly interviewed Cletus once again, Venom alerted its host of the carvings on the inside of Cletus' cell. That same night Venom used the carvings and clues presented during the interview to uncover the location where Cletus had buried the bodies of his victims. This discovery managed not only to boost Eddie's reputation and career as an investigative reporter, but also made the authorities officially give Cletus the death penalty for his crimes.

Reconnecting with Anne

Eddie I apologize that I can't mend the heart, emotional pain hits much harder and it lasts longer. You just need to pull up your big boy pants and take it.Venom to Eddie Brock

Venom tries to cheer up Eddie.jpg
Venom tries to cheer up Eddie

Despite their success, Venom was still angry at Eddie for refusing their suggestion to become vigilantes and eat bad guys, prompting another argument between the two. Upon later finding that the chocolate they ordered from Mrs. Chen hadn't arrived yet, Venom attempted to eat a mugger that they found attacking a woman but Eddie stopped it, leaving Venom to reluctantly raid a chicken farm in order to satisfy its hunger instead.

After receiving a call from Anne Weying to meet up with Eddie, Venom assumed she had been dumped by Dr. Dan Lewis and was looking to hook back up with Eddie. Venom made sure to prepare Eddie for their meeting with Anne only for her to tell Eddie that she and Dan were engaged, this infuriated the symbiote who inadvertently revealed to Anne that it indeed survived the battle with Riot. This announcement made Eddie go into suicidal depression, to which Venom attempted to comfort him and cheer him up as best as it could. The next day, Eddie received an invitation from Cletus to speak with him and watch his execution.

Separated from Eddie

Leaving its host

I guess this is goodbye."
"Oh, yeah. Finally something we agree on.Venom and Eddie Brock

Venom after destroying Eddie's motorcycle.jpg
Venom separates itself from Eddie

Despite Venom advising Eddie to not met with Cletus one last time before his execution, they went to talk to him anyway. When Kasady angrily taunted Eddie during their conversation by mentioning his deceased mother, Venom attacked Cletus in anger which resulted in the serial killer biting Eddie's hand and instead of getting blood, the serial killer got an offspring of the Venom symbiote.

This attack resulted in them getting thrown out of the prison by the guards, with Eddie angry that they couldn't get any more clues for the missing bodies due to Venom's actions. This prompted another arguement between Venom and Eddie that escalated into a fight with its host, with Venom throwing Eddie's television out the window and Eddie expelling the Symbiote from his body using a smoke alarm. With the Symbiote bonding to random civilians while abandoning Eddie's apartment.

Attending a party

Eddie was wrong. He kept me hidden because he was ashamed. But look at me now. You love me, and I’m free!Venom

Venom at a party.jpg
Venom after giving its speech

As the Symbiote bonded to a passing homeless man, Venom continued jumping from host to host, eventually arriving at a rave where it was mistaken for a costume by the partygoers. At the party Venom took center stage and delivered an impassioned speech berating Eddie for being ashamed of it and speaking out against the cruel treatment of aliens - the crowd cheering due to thinking it's talking about being in a closted gay relationship and the rights of undocumented migrants. After the speech, Venom went to an ally and lamented that Eddie hadn't been there to see it. Venom then made used different hosts to make its way to Mrs. Chen's shop, bonding to her and discovering she was a compatible host.

Return of the Lethal Protectors

Reconciling with Eddie

Let’s go save that asshole.Venom

She Venom at police station.jpg
Venom bonds with Anne once again

When Eddie was arrested and interrogated by Detective Mulligan, he sent Anne and Dr. Lewis to look for Venom. At first the Symbiote refused to help Eddie despite being informed that Eddie had been arrested and that Cletus escaped prison by using another Symbiote. Anne later managed to appeal to Venom's ego in order to coax the symbiote into bonding to her once again so that they could rescue Eddie from the police station. Venom then agreed to bond with Eddie again after he delivered an humiliating apology. As the two went to search for Cletus and Frances Barrison, they were contacted by Dan, who told them that Anne had been captured by Cletus and Frances, and taken to Grace Cathedral.

Duel at Grace Cathedral

Time to die."
"That’s the spirit."
"I mean us. We are going to die.Venom and Eddie Brock

Duel at Grace Cathedral.jpg
Venom fights Carnage at the cathedral

Venom arrived at the cathedral ready to fight, but the Symbiote panicked after seeing what Carnage looked like and retracted into Eddie's body. Despite suggesting to leave Anne to her fate, Eddie convinced Venom to come out by promising that he'll let it eat whoever it wanted. Venom fought Carnage, but the latter's superior shapeshifting abilities quickly overpowered its progneitor, Venom and Eddie were about to loose the fight until they were saved by Dr. Lewis who dumped burning gasoline into Carnage.

The symbiote then recovered and managed to stop Carnage from eating Dan, as they kept fighting Venom was forced to retract into Eddie's body after Carnage used the cathedral church bell. As Cletus gravely injured Eddie, he and Venom were pinned under rubble by the serial killer while Carnage grabbed Anne and carried her to the peak of the cathedral, pausing to attack Shriek when she begged Cletus to stop. Venom told Eddie that it didn't have enough streght to beat Carnage, but he and its host saw how Cletus was fighting against Carnage to protect his lover and Venom realized that despite their fights, its bond to Eddie was superior to their enemies.

Ending to the duel at Grace Cathedral.jpg
Venom after killing Carnage and Cletus at the cathedral

The symbiote recovered and broke free from the rubble, scaling the cathedral, impaling Carnage through the head with a chunk of pipe and saving Anne despite enduring multiple stabbings from Carnage in the process. Before Carnage could devour them, Venom knocked Shriek off the edge of the belltower's interior and her dying scream separated both symbiotes from their hosts. Venom managed to rebond to Eddie mid-fall and saved him. Venom then devoured Carnage before it could bond to Cletus again, stating Carnage didn't taste good. The Symbiote also bit Kasady's head off and tossed his body aside.

Becoming Fugitives

Where will we go?"
"I don’t know. I don’t know. Anywhere that needs a Lethal Protector, I suppose.Venom and Eddie Brock

Eddie and Venom on the tropics.jpg
Venom and Eddie hiding from the authorities on an island

Realizing that they would be hunted by the authorities, who were now aware of Eddie's connection to Venom, Venom offered to leave Eddie so that he could return to his normal life and be absolved of the crimes, but Eddie refused and instead decided that the two went on the run together as fugitives. The two went "on vacation" to a tropical island, with Venom being overjoyed when Eddie agreed to its earlier suggestion of becoming a vigilante superhero.

Transported to Another Universe

Discovering Spider-Man

That guyVenom

Venom sees Spider-Man.png
Venom sees Spider-Man on TV

Going into hiding, Venom and Eddie went to a tropical beach and stayed at an apartment overlooking it. The two spent time on the beach looking at the ocean and establishing a good relationship. That night, in the room, Venom told Eddie that he could show him more of his abilities, including knowledge of other universes. However, before he could, a yellow blinding light caught them off-guard. When the light dissipated, they found themselves in a different room and it being daytime outside. Venom told Eddie that he didn’t do that, much to his confusion.

They then watched the television which had a news channel on showing J. Jonah Jameson from the The Daily speaking on how Peter Parker was Spider-Man. When Parker was shown, Venom seemed interested and licked the screen. The bathroom door then opened and a man walked in and asked what Venom was doing in his room. Venom then hid and Brock told the man he didn’t know, still confused to the fact that they had been transported to another universe.

Returning to their Universe

Later, Venom was getting drunk with Eddie and learned about several superheroes of the universe they were in, including an alien named Thanos, who caused half of all life in that universe to disappear for five years. Venom then wanted to go skinny-dipping when a magical spell was reversed and they were returned back to their universe, though a piece of Venom was left in that universe.


Man should never consent to crawl when he has the impulse to fly.Venom to Eddie Brock

Initially, Venom was a manipulative being who showed little or no consideration for human life and was apparently concerned only with satisfying his hunger. He also showed pleasure in fighting and possessed a sadistic sense of humor, a trait that continued even after he befriended Eddie. Despite this, Venom slowly begins to display generally positive positive qualities after seeing Eddie's good nature and learning about his past. He seems to appreciate humanity and rebels against his former leader to save the Earth and his friends, claiming that the planet "wasn't that bad". Venom has also developed a soft spot for Anne and seems to agree with Eddie that he should only have killed criminals and not innocent people.

Eventually, Venom adjusted to the bond with Eddie and became more civilized, as shown when he prepares breakfast for Eddie and greets Ms. Chen. He also seems to be a little emotional and stubborn when Eddie talked him down and didn't want to go back to Eddie until he apologized.

Powers and Abilities


  • Symbiotic Physiology: The symbiote gives his host several superhuman attributes once it bonds with it, which covers his body in black biomass. This increases Eddie's abilities, such as strength, durability, speed, agility and healing at superhuman levels. In addition, he can also use the symbiote as a weapon while in its human form.
    • Superhuman Strength: Venom can give host some extreme strength, allowed the host easily to punch, kick and fight at high force, as Eddie easily took out multiple Life Foundation guards by himself, and broke through a metal door and a fence with ease.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: While possessing a host, Venom demonstrates having superb awareness of its surrounding, notably to sense nearby threats before it's host could. This was seen when Venom attempted to warn Brock about mercenaries outside his apartment door or when it uses it's tentacles to attack opponents that it's host was not aware of.
    • Superhuman Agility: Due to his super speed, Venom is extremely agile, therefore he is able to preform acrobatic and gymnastic stunts, thus showing his quick speed to avoid projectiles Carnage hurled with such bullet speed.
    • Superhuman Durability: Venom has superhumanly strong and powerful durability, he was able to withstand multiple bullets fired by SWAT officers, and some lethal attacks from Riot without sustaining injury or discomfort of any kind.
    • Superhuman Speed: Venom was able to move extremely high speed which allowed Eddie to move, run faster, as he ran from the Life Foundation in the woods. Venom is also more than quick enough to help Eddie dodge bullets and catch a tear gas grenade that was fired at them.
      Eddie rescued by Venom.jpg
      Venom using its tendrils to pull Eddie back onto his motorcycle.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Venom is able to rapidly repair Brock's body from even the most severe of injuries in mere seconds, from ruptured organs to broken bones. This allowed Brock to almost instantly recover from being hit by a van and having much of his body broken, as well as bring him back from the brink of death after he had been impaled by Riot, Even without a host, Venom can regenerate himself even from smallest bit of his very being proved that he has more than enough nourishment to do so, as seen when the symbiote recovered some time after sacrificing most part of itself to protect Eddie. Venom was able to regenerate his teeth after Eddie broke them. However, Venom itself is shown to be tired and scarred as Carnage impales it repeatedly, which is fatal and reduces his mobility to fight.
    • Possession: As a Symbiote, Venom has been shown to be able to transfer itself from host to host upon physical contact with them, passing into their flesh as if intangible and taking full control of their bodies. While in their bodies, Venom is able to enhance their physical abilities to inhuman levels, allowing them to overpower other humans with ease and heal from severe injuries such as broken bones and damaged tissue in seconds. While it is capable of seemingly suppressing a host's mind and use their bodies as if it were its own, it is able to almost meld minds with them and work collectively with them while sharing the same body. The abilities it can use while bonded to its host, including its ability to manifest constructs out of its own mass and enveloping its host to form a body for itself, is fueled by how compatible it is with its host.
    • Shapeshifting: Venom can generate portions of itself out of Brock's body to form various constructs, including tendrils, shields, parachutes and various other appendages. It can also fully emerge from Brock while remaining attached to him, enveloping its host's body to form its own, complete with eyes, claws and a mouth with powerful jaws and sharp teeth, allowing it to tear flesh and eat off entire body parts from its victims. Its ability to manifest these constructs is fueled by how compatible it is with its host. The Symbiote notably uses tendrils for attack and defense, from grappling with Carlton Drake's guards, to pull Eddie back onto his motorcycle when he was flung through the air.
    • Symbiotic Suit Manifestation: Venom can fully emerge from Brock while remaining attached to him, enveloping it's host's body to form its own that akin to a malleable yet resilient sort of combat full-body suit, complete with eyes, claws and extendable, fanged mouth with a long, prehensile tongue. The "suit" uses its razor-sharp teeth and powerful jaws to tear through flesh and bone, allowing it to eat off entire body parts from its victims. Venom's full body-like suit emulates that of its human host's humanoid appearance, resulting in it having a humanoid shape despite it's more monstrous traits. In this form, Venom's physical superhuman attributes are at there peak, amplifying his strength, durability, speed, agility and reflexes far beyond that of normal humans' capacity, which its host can use at full effect. Venom can use his large fanged maw to tear flesh and bone and absorb the symbiote that was spawned.
    • Genetic Memory: Venom is able to remember all the memories of all his hosts and can memorize anything just by looking, as demonstrated when Eddie enters the room where he had drawings to take to the place of bodies where Cletus had hidden it though Venom only had to stay a short time to memorize the drawings and was able to recreate the drawings from Cletus Kasady's prison cell just from some glimpses. He even says that his memory is very good.
    • Telepathy: Venom can communicate telepathically with its host.
    • Fangs: When he manifests his "head" or when he creates the suit, Venom also creates a series of sharp and apparently dirty teeth, which are capable of shredding and tearing flesh and bones but Eddie Brock managed to shatter them by hitting them with his motorcycle helmet (although he can seem strange such a low hardness), but Venom regenerated them soon after. It also allowed Venom to consume Carnage who tried to rejoin Kasady moments before its end.
    • Claws: When Venom creates the Symbiotic Suit, it also creates ten claws, each one placed on the fingertips of the hands, which allows it to cling to vertical surfaces and attack in close quarters.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: It is likely that Venom has an above average level of intelligence, as he knew exactly where Cletus had hidden the bodies right after seeing the drawings in his room. As a symbiote, Venom possesses greater intelligence than most species on earth. He also withholds 80-billion-light-years of hive-knowledge that expands across the Multiverse, which is also shared with all other members of his species.
  • Master Tactician: Venom may have good tactical skills. It was able to provoke Shriek by simply swatting her off the platform, so that her sonic scream would destabilize it and Carnage that were removed from their hosts and saves Brock by travelling from Anne and Dan to the falling Eddie, then use its own suit to break his fall.
  • Skilled Combatant: Venom demonstrated advanced fighting levels mainly with his battles of Riot and Carnage fight despite being bested the latter two.


  • Sonic Vibrations: As powerful as Venom is, he is vulnerable to extremely loud noise and even that of intense sonic vibrations as it drives the symbiote crazy.
  • Intense Heat: Aside from the intense noise that causes Venom to go crazy, he can also be injured through exposure to intense heat, such as from lasers, fire, etc.
  • Hunger: Because of his uncontrollable hunger, Venom must feed on living flesh to sustain himself, namely humans, or he'll eat the organs of his own host, namely humans. Small creatures, such as birds, chickens, dogs, cats, snakes and reptiles are not enough to sustain him.
  • Imperfect host: Venom is limited to its bond with hosts other than Eddie. As such, they are unable to accept the symbiote's toxicity, which fatally takes them out no matter the amount of time used before death.



  • Carnage † - Son, Attempted Killer, and Victim




  • In the comics, Venom is a symbiote that came to Earth from the planet Klyntar and first bonded with Spider-Man. After that, it made its way through a variety of different hosts, most notably being Eddie Brock. After being bonded with Eddie, he became a supervillain and one of the greatest adversaries of Spider-Man.

Behind the Scenes

Woody Allen, UFC champion Conor McGregor and rapper Redman as inspirations for his performance as Venom.[1]
  • Venom in Sony's Spider-Man Universe is the second live-action incarnation of the character, following an incarnation portrayed by
Topher Grace in Spider-Man 3.
Stephen Farrelly and Kellan Lutz expressed interest in portraying Venom before Tom Hardy was cast. Finn Wittrock was in early talks for the role of Venom.
  • Adam Basil, Dorian Kingi and Jeff Mosley were stunt doubles for Tom Hardy in the role of Venom.
  • There were several concepts for Venom's design for the first movie. One of these concepts showed how Venom initially, instead of white veins, had to have a giant white V that had to cover its trunk from the belly to the pectorals.[2] Another concept, shows Venom with a monstrous and misshapen appearance similar to a real alien.[3] Some concepts show how the character must have had a rounder face, with bigger eyes and more pointed teeth.[4]


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