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Gabriel Roman is a character in Drake's Fortune, with appearances in Among Thieves, Drake's Deception, and A Thief's End as a multiplayer skin. He was a British crime lord, treasure collector[1], and the main, later secondary, antagonist of Drake's Fortune. Searching for the fabled El Dorado, Roman hired the services of Atoq Navarro and his mercenaries, as well as Eddy Raja and his pirate gang, as manpower to acquire the treasure.


Prior to Drake's Fortune

Roman saved Navarro from a life of poverty in the slums, raising him to some point that he was in charge of his own mercenary force and working under Roman. Roman also loaned Victor Sullivan a large sum of money, with a deadline to pay it back or otherwise come to an agreement with Roman.

Drake's Fortune

Time's Up 2.png
Roman aiming his revolver at Nate.

Roman and Navarro followed Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan around parts of the Amazon rainforest that was believed to hold the fabled treasure of El Dorado. The two first appeared outside an old German U-boat caught in a river in the chapter "A Surprising Find". Nate swam back out to meet Sully, only to be greeted by Roman and Navarro, who held the two at gunpoint. Roman revealed that Sully owed him money and that he had mentioned something about the "find of a lifetime". This intrigued Roman, and so he had hired Navarro to aid him in finding the treasure. Nate was forced to relinquish the kriegsmarine map he had found in the boat, and Roman prepared to shoot him in case they would "need a reminder". Sully intervened, and Roman shot him instead. The U-Boat then exploded from the torpedo Nate had set off, knocking Navarro and Roman to the ground. Nate regrouped with Elena to escape Roman and Navarro's mercenaries.

Navarro drawing his gun on Eddy after Roman fired him.

During "Trapped", Elena showed Nate footage she recorded of Roman escorting Sullivan onto a helicopter in the Drowned City, proving Sully was still alive and either held captive or working with them. It is later revealed in "Going Underground" that Eddy Raja also worked for Roman, but his men were being killed by an unknown third party. Roman believed that Eddy was crazy and dismissed him and his men for failing to capture Nate and keep the island secure. He also doubted Navarro's competence as he was relying on Sully to find the treasure, explaining that he had no incentive to do so, and wondered if Navarro had left his brains in the slums in which he found him. He then stated that chasing the treasure was starting to be more trouble than it was probably worth.

Hostage Situation 2.png
Roman and Navarro with Elena.

During "Unwelcome Guests", Roman and Navarro captured Elena and kept her as a hostage to prevent Sully and Nate from "trying anything creative". In "Gold and Bones", the two eventually found Navarro and Roman in a chamber below the island's monastery with the El Dorado treasure. As Nate and Sully began to draw their guns, Navarro's men aimed at them instead.

El Goddamn Dorado 3.png
Roman turned into something akin to a descendant.

Roman was impressed by the statue's craftsmanship and Navarro goaded him to open it, as the "real treasure" was inside. Roman took his advice and opened the statue, which turned out to be a sarcophagus, containing a dried-up corpse. As Roman accidentally inhaled air exuded from the corpse he started to cough, closing the sarcophagus, until he succumbed and transformed fully. With his eyes nearly pitch black, he attempted to attack Navarro in a mad rage, but Navarro killed him with a shot to the head, finalizing his betrayal. Roman's corpse was ultimately left behind in the chamber as the descendants forced everyone to flee.


Gabriel Roman concept art.png
Concept art.

Roman was cunning, objective, and calculating. Though normally unwilling to dirty his own hands, he was vindictive and petty enough to handle something himself, if it meant taking what he thought to be his. Uncaring and egotistical, he placed more importance on treasure than any of his associates.

Roman appeared to be in his late fifties to early sixties. He wore a white-and-blue striped shirt with rolled-up sleeves, beige pants, and brown leather shoes. He carried a snub-nosed .38 revolver in a holster on his belt. The revolver is stainless steel with wood grips. As it is a "Snub Nose" revolver, it is smaller and shorter than the Wes - 44.

His operation is based in the lawless tri-border region of South America, and includes narco-trafficking and gun-running. His true passion is the underground antiquities trade, although he does not flaunt his collected treasures, as it is a matter of conquest, power, and control for him. His most valuable items are stored away in a private collection, rivaling most museums.[1]


Gabriel Roman can be played in the multiplayer mode of Among Thieves. On February 25, 2010, the Drake's Fortune Multiplayer Pack was released in the PlayStation Store for purchase, which included Roman as a villain skin. His voice actor, Simon Templeman, has returned to give Roman a voice and new lines. Templeman also voiced him in Roman's appearances as a skin in the multiplayer of Drake's Deception in the Classic Skin Pack #1 bundle, as well as in the multiplayer of A Thief's End, where he was available at the start.



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