The Staff of Ayar Manco is, in Inca mythology, a golden staff that Ayar Manco used shortly after humanity emerged from the cave "Pacariqtambo" where life on earth originated.


Before The Fourth Labyrinth

The staff showed Manco where to build his city, which supposedly became Cuzco. However, this view was challenged by the Cuiqawa tribe, who claim to be the descendants of Manco. After being betrayed by his friends, Manco returned to Pacariqtambo with the staff and his family, and the tribe grew over the following centuries.

The Fourth Labyrinth

Nathan Drake was hired by drug dealer Ramón Valdez to find the staff three years before the events of Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth. Once the staff was in his possession, Valdez betrayed Nate and tried to kill him. Nate escaped, and three years later was hired by the Cuiqawa tribe to regain the staff. Knowing that it was rightfully theirs, Nate agreed to help them and stole the staff from Valdez.

A Thief's End


The Staff of Ayar Manco is featured in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End multiplayer as a usable mystical. The staff, when placed, sends out pulses, placing enemies on radar for a short period of time. Once purchased, the player can place the staff down by holding R1 and L1.

The Staff costs 2 LP (Loadout Points).

Modifications Description Loadout Cost Starting In-game Price Requirement
None (Default) The standard mystical 2 LP $400 None
Increased Duration The duration of your staff is increased by 15 seconds 3 LP $425 100 Staff of Ayar Manco uses
Directional Arrows Radar shows you and your team which enemies are facing while the staff is active 3 LP $425 250 Staff of Ayar Manco uses
Highlights Targets Highlights opponents for yourself while your staff is active 4 LP $450 50 Staff of Ayar Manco uses
  • The Staff of Ayar Manco is great for locating enemies, allowing you to flank them from behind.
    • Having the Highlights Targets modification makes it even easier to flank.
  • Place the staff in a hidden area so the enemy can't find it and destroy it.
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