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Drake in Yemen's streets.

Yemen is a country situated in the Arabian Peninsula, and is one of the more prominent locations in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.


The Yemeni city is full of buildings and markets that were built over three thousand years ago. In modern times, the police force is very prevalent on the streets.


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Elena Fisher, Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan at Yemen's airport.

Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan travel to Yemen to look for the chamber containing the location of Iram of the Pillars. Elena Fisher helps guide the two through the streets, warning them to not look suspicious in front of the police due to them being in the city illegally. When heading towards the Old Quarter of the city, where Elena believes the chamber might be, Nate spots Talbot, who has Charlie Cutter's notebook. Nate retrieves it from Talbot and escapes from a brawl fight with Katherine Marlowe's agents.

As Nate, Elena and Sully flee from the agents, they stumble upon a well that leads down to the chamber beneath the city. After solving numerous puzzles, the trio enters a room containing a brazier, which when lighted, reveals the location of Iram on a celestial map. After Sully memorizes the location of Iram, a swarm of spiders pour in and attack, but the trio is able to escape and head back up to the city, where Nate is shot by a dart containing a hallucinogenic drug by Talbot.

Nate stumbles off alone and ends up at a cafe where he is held captive by Katherine Marlowe, Talbot and Rameses. Marlowe toys with Nate to not make a scene in front of the police and to get him to tell her where Sully is so she can find Iram. Nate refuses, but Marlowe's agents are able to locate Sully on the other side of the city. As Talbot goes to capture Sully, Nate breaks free and gives chase to Talbot throughout the city. After running through markets and restaurants, Nate is able to stop Talbot, but is knocked unconscious by Rameses, who takes Nate to the dry docks.

Nate washes back ashore to Yemen after capsizing Rameses' commandeered cruise ship in the sea, and reunites with Elena at her hotel room, where they discuss plans to rescue Sully from Marlowe's clutches by sneaking aboard a cargo plane at a nearby airport.

In the end, Nate, Elena, and Sully are at the Yemen airport, where Nate and Elena renew their vows and the three head for Sully's new seaplane.

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