Welcome to the Galaxy: A Tour of ‘Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’ Game Trailer

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To quote Rocket Racoon, “Welcome to the Guardians of the frickin’ Galaxy.” The latest Marvel game from Square Enix and Eidos Montreal puts players in Star Lord’s boots as the team goes up against the Universal Church of Truth (UCT) to stop them from taking over the universe. That just sounds like a typical Tuesday for the dysfunctional family of heroes. Although they’ll also have to contend with Nova Corps and the formidable Lady Hellbender along the way. The story sends the team on an adventure across a number of classic Marvel locations, and the trailer shows off some of the planets and places that players will explore. Join us as we take you on a tour of the locations in the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.

The Universal Church of Truth

The first shot in the story trailer reveals the Universal Church of Truth’s behemoth-sized ship which is inhabited by the church’s followers as well as its leaders: Grand Unifier Raker and the Matriarch. Raker is the one behind the sinister narration in the footage, explaining that the Matriarch wants to show the Guardians “the truth”. The UCT’s ship is powered by Faith Generators, allowing the cult to literally run on the beliefs of its followers. We get a brief glimpse of this later on when the UCT’s worshippers have streams of energy coming out of them. But let’s face it, a ship that big is just begging to be blown up, right? We’d put good money on the Guardians getting into a huge fight with Raker, the Matriarch, and their hordes of followers through the ship. Just think about how cool it’ll look when it explodes…

Kylos and Earth

When the Guardians are speaking to Grand Unifier Raker and the Universal Church of Truth, they’re seemingly shown visions of what the cult can do for the heroes. We see Drax and a young girl, presumably his daughter, as they stand in front of a strange portal. It seems likely that this is Drax’s homeworld, Kylos. Since the death of Drax’s family is a key part of his origin story, it seems likely that the Church is showing him a world in which they didn’t die. Peter Quill gets his own touching vision, as a brief shot sees him hugging his mother, Meredith Quill, on a farm. Because Peter left Earth as a young boy after Meredith’s death, it’ll be interesting to see how this vision affects him.


The trailer also briefly shows Knowhere, a city built out of the severed head of a Celestial. It’s home to various different alien races who created a unique scientific community there – but it’s also home to a number of bars and a black market, so it’s not surprising that the Guardians like going there.

But the best thing about Knowhere? Its head of security is Cosmo, a Russian test dog who was launched into space during an experiment in the 1960s. Cosmic rays gave him telekinetic abilities as well as enhanced intelligence and a decreased ageing rate. Also, the white spacesuit is adorable. Cosmo is a good boy.

The Rock

From there we get a look at the Rock. No, Dwayne Johnson isn’t about to give Star-Lord the People’s Elbow, the Rock is the Nova Corps’ base of operations which is built inside a giant asteroid. The space cops keep law and order across the galaxy, or at least they try to, but people like the Guardians and the Universal Church of Truth don’t make it that easy.

The Rock also has a much more elegant name, the Spirit of Xandar, named after the Nova Corps’ homeworld, Xandar. It’s where the team meets the Xandarian Worldmind who tells them they have a “0.3%” chance of defeating the UCT… Oh dear. The Worldmind is a supercomputer made up of all the minds of every single fallen Nova Corps member, as well as all the Xandarians. Obviously, it’s incredibly intelligent and helps run the Corps itself. Although if Worldmind was a bit more positive about the Guardians’ chances, that’d be nice.

Seknarf Nine

The action really gets going when the Guardians arrive on Seknarf Nine. It’s got a pretty unique landscape with colourfully bizarre fauna and rock formations. Oh, and it’s home to hordes of monsters and beasts from across the universe. The trailer shows Star-Lord and the gang being attacked by various strange aliens, so players will definitely have a fight on their hands.

The planet is run by Lady Hellbender, and she’s dedicated her life to giving dangerous creatures a home on Seknarf Nine. As a young girl, Hellbender was forced to watch her monstrous pet (called Beez) fight to the death in a cage match – which is why she’s so set on saving various different aliens and bringing them to Seknarf Nine. It’ll be interesting to see what she makes of Rocket and Groot.


Space, the final… entry on our list. The whole story is set in space, after all, so yes, it’s a location… The trailer teases some incredible space battles as the Milano hurtles through the cosmos, but hopefully, players will get to admire the galaxy as well as fight in it. Feel free to explore the Milano itself before each mission, as every room reveals a little more about this version of the Marvel Universe and what the Guardians have been through so far. The Milano is also where players can upgrade the team’s perks and weapons, as well as unlocking new moves for each of them.

We hope you enjoyed that tour through the galaxy, as glimpsed through the trailer of the new Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game. Explore further into all these locations (including Space) when the game comes out on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC on the 26th of October.

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