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Ultimate Legends - Taylor, Campbell, and Ngata

Happy Saturday to all the late June Madden warriors out there. I hope some of you were able to get your hands on a beta code from the forums, our MH streams, or over on our Muthead twitter. What did you guys think? Are you all excited for Madden 23? We also got a Gronk Tribute this week (see here: and heard that Weekend League is ending.

It is Ultimate Legend Saturday today, as the content team is still pushing out some 99s for your weekend. On the docket this week, we start off with LTD Jason Taylor. …

RP Ridder.jpg

Rookie Premieres!

Rookie Premieres are finally here! This is a great program to cap off Madden 22 as you can get some of the young stars out of the NFL Draft that we will see on the field in Madden 23. This is also the program where you can earn Rookie Premiere players to kick off your MUT Team in Madden 23! All 32 teams have a RP Player so let's first take a look at the list!

RP Olave.jpg


49ERS - WR Danny Gray
BEARS - CB Kyler Gordon
BENGALS - SS Daxton Hill
BILLS - CB Kaiir Elam

lamar gt.jpg

Golden Ticket Release VI

Golden Tickets are here once again (along with Rookie Premieres so stay tuned on that). We have 5 new GT items and a reminder that there are increased pack odds to pull these in the first 48 hours. This week we have Dallas Cowboy Commentary Legend, The Man Who Broke Madden at Running Back, The Man Who May Be A Running Back at Quarterback (sorry, Browns fan here), The Largest....uh...The Biggest...uh....Nick Foles at WR, and a Literal House Running the Ball. Let me know who you are excited for!



Golden Ticket Release V

Not a ton of content this week, but it is to be expected with the Madden 23 Closed Beta release being this week as well. From what I have heard, many have said this beta is very fun to play. Have any of you gotten to play the beta?

Well, for those of you still grinding away on Madden 22, its time for the 5th release of Golden Tickets. A reminder that there is an increased chance of pulling a GT in the first 48 hours that they are in packs. This week's players include the Savior of the Denver …


More Golden Tickets!!

Apologies on the lack of articles the last week, my wife just got out of school for the summer as a teacher and we have been out of town. But I couldn't leave y'all hanging when its GOLDEN TICKE DAYYYYY. Anybody pull anything good so far?

Today, 5 more items are released out of the Golden Ticket program, with increased odds to pull them in the first 48 hours in packs. All of these items are 99 OVR and will be a welcome addition to the squad. Today we get Appalachain State's Finest Twitch Streamer, That Guy Who Ran Down …


Golden Tickets Release III

More Golden Tickets bayyyybeeeee!!! We have 5 more user created items coming to Madden 22 that will hopefully knock your socks off! We saw last week the Training Variety Packs calm the GT market down, and these items can be found in those packs, as well as standard packs as well. This week's new items include 'The Italian Stallion" Ben DiNucci, the Jeremy "Take It On The" Chinn, Chris "Not Eastry" Westry, Josh "Commissioner" Gordon, and "Wham Bam Thank You" Cam Newton. Check them out below!


  • Ben DiNucci - Cowboys
    • 2x Field Gen, 1x Improviser, 1x Scrambler, …

Ultimate Season 4 and Reduxes

For what should be the final time this Madden, it's time for a new Ultimate Season to release. We have some new players, new rewards, and a new reason to grind out games on the Madden Ultimate Team leaderboards. Everyone's MUT level will reset to 1 and give you a new chance to earn some rewards. As you increase your levels, you will earn more rewards and unlock new offers in the MUT Store. Let's take a look at the Season 4 reward players.



Golden Tickets Release II

Part II of the annual EA Gala of Golden Tickets is released this morning. Let me know in the comments if you were one of the lucky ones to pull a GT. Normally you have an increased chance of pulling a GT in the first 48 hours, but I'm not 100% convinced that is true.

5 new players are being released today, including a new QB (Matt Ryan) a beastly backup (AJ Dillon), an absolute Madden legend (Collin Johnson), an OOP teammate of Matty Ice (CB Cordarrelle Patterson), and Johnny Manziel's favorite A&M target, now on defense (SS Mike Evans) …

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