Best Death Scene: Running out of time in "The Final Scene" and the theater being demolished.

Scariest Death Scene: Any time the culprit tries to strangle or kill Nancy. Notable ones for me are Em hitting Nancy with a bone in GDML, Elliot strangling Nancy in THC, and Andy strangling Nancy in DDI.

Dumbest Death Scene: Getting kicked out by Shorty in "The Secret of Shadow Ranch" simply because you picked unripe vegetables twice.

Funniest Death Scene: Burning down the Hotel in "The Haunted Carousel"

Intense Death Scene: Either getting mummified in SSH or sneaking aboard the smuggler's ship in DDI and getting caught.

Frustrating Death Scene: Having to turn off the alarm every time you enter the library in TRT.

Your turn! What do you think are the Best/Scariest/Dumbest/Funniest/Intense/Frustrating death scenes in the Nancy Drew Video Games?